The classification of the purified cotton swabs and use

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-13
Cotton swabs are mainly cotton and cotton rods, cotton head needs to be more careful of the sponge, so just have a super absorbent, while cotton swab need bamboo pole or plastic rod support, so that a solid and durable. Purification cotton swabs and now become the mainstream direction of cotton swabs, it also more strict requirements, in the process of production, there are more specific requirements. 1, the classification of the purified cotton swabs purification cotton swabs from cotton material can be divided into several categories, first is degreased cotton swabs, the head of cotton is made from cotton wool swab, its advantage is suction capability is strong, but its drawback is that are less able to recycle. There is also a swab of sponge swab, made from the cotton swabs with sponge head, its advantage is sponge dust adsorption ability is strong, the downside is not better implement clean processing. In addition, the type and cloth cotton swabs, etc. 2, cotton swabs processing cotton swabs of purification and processing have strict requirements, generally need in dust-free workshop, through the corresponding processing, cutting and processing, disinfection process, can be exclusive of medical supplies, also can be used as industrial supplies. Whole process is a clean environment, so as to realize the high standard requirement of the clean. Also in the process of machining, need workers wear the clothing of strict, clothing also should pass dust-free treatment, lest cause secondary dust, also need with careful attention to the staff at the same time, need professional guidance, can be made into purified cotton swabs. Purified cotton swabs overturned the emergence of the cotton market in our country, become the favorite type swab, but also to facilitate cleaning and recycling, when is a good type of cotton swabs, worthy of we use for a long time, also facilitate our life!
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