the dangers of indoor play areas

by:Cleanmo      2020-03-05
Indoor recreation facilities for children-
For example, areas that contain tubes, tunnels, slides, climbing ropes and spider webs, and inflatable and trampoline --
It has become a modern convenience.
They\'re in fast-
Restaurants and paid restaurantsfor-
Broadcast agencies in communities around the world.
Modest estimates suggest that more than 15,000 of these facilities are operating in the United States alone.
On average, there are 50 children per day, which means that 750,000 children play 270,000,000 times a year in the indoor play area.
During the summer of 2011, improvise visit in a fast play area
The establishment of food has become my personal motivation to improve children\'s health movements.
During that visit, my children and I saw broken and failed equipment, rotten food, obscene graffiti, dirt and dirt, and what we learned later was manure contamination.
When multiple reports submitted to management were turned off, I was assisted by the microbiology and analytical laboratory to identify whether or not these situations
In addition to the visually disturbing
Harmful to children\'s health
These results show that the problem is much bigger than I thought.
Not only did we find pathogens that could lead to illness in children, but we also found potentially fatal bacteria.
To make sure that these conditions are not unique to that place, I filmed videos and cotton swabs all over the country.
Over the past six months, I have collected data from six national chains and several independently owned institutions.
The location is randomly selected, representing the level of social status.
Economic conditions in rural and urban areas.
In the discovery of my bacteria: S. aureus, P. , E. coli
E. coli, E. coli and E. coli.
From nausea and vomiting to skin infections, brain flow and death, all of these can lead to everything.
The maintenance issues I found included the second damage
The windows, bolts and screws are missing, the platform is not safe, the plexiglass fails and the straps are torn apart.
It\'s also important that I get feedback from my parents.
Over the past few months, I have received hundreds of messages about their children being sick or injured.
These stories are enough to inspire anyone to take action.
With the background of parents, pediatricians, family doctors, microbiology and myself as an expert in the development of children and adolescents, I started to correct the problem.
With my partner.
Anna Farrell, I made it safe for the kids to play. We are a non-
A profit organization established to raise awareness, conduct microbial testing and engage with media and legislators in the hope of influencing public policies and making changes.
In addition, I drafted the children\'s game Safety Act.
The Act amended the current health regulations to include the soft play area.
In essence, it grants the health inspector\'s regulator to inspect the game area and equipment and impose penalties in the event of problems.
So far, two states (
Illinois and California)
In Arizona, the Maricopa County is adjusting the wording in the current health regulations.
We also seek support from the National Restaurant Association, Hospital Association and Pediatric Association.
Preschool and elementary school-
Due to their major behavioral patterns and underdeveloped immune systems, older children are considered a subset of people who are highly susceptible to illness, injury and infection.
The current lack of regulations related to cleaning and maintenance of indoor play areas represents an imminent health and safety risk that can be easily corrected.
Cleaning and maintenance shall be regular, thorough and verifiable and shall apply to all food establishments with designated play areas.
The bottom line for us is that children should be given a safe place to play and we will continue to work to make sure this happens.
More information about Erin Carr
Jordan, executive director of child safety Games Watch Sanjay GuptaD. \" at 7:30 a. m.
Saturday and Sunday.
More government regulations
If the fast food restaurant has a dirty bathroom or play area, don\'t take your child in.
I realize that sometimes it is inconvenient, but since fast food is not good for you or your child, it should be rare to eat there.
Take them to the park when you let them eat. . . . .
May even eat at home.
Children do need to expose their immune system to some pathogens in order to enhance their immunity to them.
If that\'s not the answer, put them on the environmental hazard suit.
All places suitable for children to play are dangerous and you may be interested.
Mom, how about the emergency exits for these buildings?
How to get to areas where these game spaces are difficult in an emergency.
We were in a building in Germany with a ride pipe, and because an old bomb was found, the member came in to evacuate the building.
Believe me, the children can be rescued quickly in an emergency. IL.
Bills may have been received, but they will certainly not be enforced.
My kid\'s dentist has a play area like this.
Maybe it\'s time to call the health department.
Most of them are terrible.
However, I was surprised to learn that fast food restaurants a few blocks from my home send an employee every night to scrub and disinfect test tubes.
It was a slow night and when the topic came up they began to laugh at who would eventually be sent out.
In the cold winter, I took my children many times when they were younger.
We are near our area-they clean them up every day.
They close the play area every afternoon and disinfect, clean and scrub the play area.
So all of our moms know when to bring children and when not.
After the main lunch rush, the restaurant is sure to clean up as all our moms are there-especially.
In winter
So I don\'t think all of these structures can fall into the category of \"total.
The problem is-they are too few.
In a special place (
Not Clean)
When we visited, there was a frog inside, and once again, it was dry.
My kids never like to play tubes in that particular place-they just hear the kids coming in from the outside and telling their parents.
Our local fast food restaurant sponsored by clowns has a playground.
One day when my son and the other kids were playing in the tube, they ran down screaming.
There is feces in the tube.
All parents complained to management and they did nothing.
There was no apology, no closing of the game field, not even a hint of concern.
I refused to take my son there, and now he thinks I\'m the most mean mom in the world.
I work in a Burger King with areas like this that we clean every night.
The situation was very bad in some nights.
Only a few of us can adapt to the tubes, so guess who is going to clean them up. . . .
Me and someone else.
But I know it\'s also a clean and safe place for kids.
If a parent told us there was an accident in the area, we would close it until someone went in and cleaned it up.
It\'s time consuming, but if you have an area like this, then yes, they need to be cleaned up regularly like a bathroom.
Like Josie, I work in a chain restaurant where an indoor playground is installed.
We did everything we could to keep the area clean.
If we had to close it because of an accident, we would have received complaints from our parents and nasty comments because it was not open.
Parents also ignore the age and height limits and get angry when you tell them their \"children\" are too big.
They will let the baby with diapers slide down the big slide and usually leave brown stripes all the way.
It\'s just common sense for me: keep the area clean.
Perfect it every day.
But common sense is certainly not so common right now.
I have an indoor playground where we disinfect every two hours with a chemical that kills viruses, bacteria and all kinds of harmful substances.
You have to see who owns the playground-it\'s important for us because our kids are also playing here.
It does take a lot of work to maintain this standard, but it is worth it.
No, I\'m not going to let my kids play in the free area of the mall or restaurant, because cleaning is an afterthought for most of them.
Once a day is not enough.
Don\'t lick the toilet.
The mentioned pathogens should not be exaggerated as described by the author.
All the organisms described are common, most of the time, non-
Life threatening
A simple skin swab may find at least half of the creatures on the child\'s skin at any given time. S. aureus, P. areuginosa, E. coli and B.
Both wax-like viruses can cause serious infections, but this rarely occurs in healthy individuals.
These pathogens mainly cause serious damage to hospital patients with immune defects or intravenous routes.
That is, if the restaurant provides places to play, they should definitely be responsible for the cleanliness of these places at any time.
Something as simple as Lysol or alcohol wipes can significantly reduce the number of most microorganisms on the surface.
I would like to reconfirm the comment from @ askanepi.
By the way, the author will convince you that these creatures are not common and are ubiquitous.
The truth is that they are very common and can be found in many places and environments.
However, our immune system is fighting against most strains every day, and while there are few, there are also deadly strains.
The author acknowledges her lack of understanding and paranoia about health and, unfortunately, these people have created laws of control.
While we should be careful and clean, we should not shut down every potential danger to our children.
Life is dangerous every time we play, but this fear will only fuel another problem for us, inactive.
An active person has a stronger immune system that can fight against these common pathogens.
Geesh-no matter where the children play, there will be bacteria.
As their bodies and minds learn from the game, their immune system learns from exposure to bacteria.
You want them to catch a cold and flu when they are young, then have a super immune system, never get sick when they are adults, or become fat and lazy because there is no place to be safe enough for them to play, and then, when they come into contact with bacteria in later life, they become very disgusting?
Dx2718: Your comment is the basis of the health hypothesis, which does have scientific evidence.
Exposure to the immune system of young time-limited children may have adverse effects in later life, including allergies and * possibly * autoimmune diseases.
Whether we like it or not, our bodies benefit from the symbiotic relationship we need to maintain with bacteria.
Places with indoor play areas should be required to be kept clean.
If these places cannot or will not keep the game area clean, state and local health departments can close them.
If a dentist or doctor cannot or will not keep the game area clean, the state medical council may suspend their license.
Your state and local representative can motivate the appropriate health department to do their job well.
State prosecutors can also make allegations against the welfare of children.
Children\'s welfare is highly valued by judges, prosecutors and jury members.
Parents should have their children wash their hands and wash their faces with hot water and soap before eating or drinking anything.
Parents should also realize that we are always surrounded by dangerous bacteria.
And a small amount of toxic substances and harmful radiation)all the time.
A lot of nasty bacteria and bad things can be dangerous;
Usually not at all.
So, let them keep their own play area, but don\'t panic about bacteria or bad things.
Maybe we should spend more time looking for why parents are afraid to let their children play in the natural environment. . . . .
It is known as outdoors, nature, forests, creeks along the way, playing football in the backyard, exploring bugs and trees, and collecting frogs.
I agree, but some of us are very cold in winter.
I personally don\'t like to have them play in the cold when it\'s 4 degrees outside. 25-
30 degrees, if they are tied together.
They can play in the snow, run around and do what the children do.
Omg, there is no toilet cover in my child\'s school! What? she\'s not sick?
Our local clown company is cleaning up their tubes every day.
I have \"experienced\" several play areas with children (
Retrieve them)
No broken equipment, feces and anything dirty was found.
I believe there are bacteria, etc, but in schools and other places in the community, they will also encounter this, although in general, it may not be a safe place for the children\'s playground promised by the immune system.
Now I can\'t speak to all the regions, but in my region, from low socio-economic conditions to high socio-economic conditions, I have not encountered anything related.
In addition, the only place in the local area where there is a ball pit (
All Swedish furniture companies)
The ball pit is closed for any \"accident\" until it can be cleaned up.
For me, the benefit of playing is greater than the risk of a healthy child.
Also, unlike local parks, these indoor sites usually clean the tubes every day, and I care more about the doctor\'s office play area.
Yes, they should follow the restaurant hygiene laws, but I bet most of the chain stores will close them.
I noticed that there have been fewer McDonald\'s in the playground recently.
The reason for not putting the playground is because of the responsibility problem.
If the child breaks himself, parents can sue McDonald\'s even if the restaurant is not responsible for the injury.
It is better to give up the game place and avoid possible litigation.
Sadly, what you\'re talking about is many institutions that don\'t even do a good job of keeping the restroom clean.
Also, one day I had lunch at the restaurant and took a little time to go to the bathroom.
One of the employees was there and he was using the urinal and put the rag he had with him in front of the urinal.
After finishing, he did wash his hands, however, pick up the rag on the urinal, go back to the restaurant and start wiping the table with the same rag! ! !
I immediately complained to the management and asked them to do something.
PS, since I read about this DR\'s visit to McDonald\'s and that they have banned her from the agency, rather than taking steps to clean up the game area, I have never returned to McDonald\'s since then, tell everyone I know that they should avoid that place.
I think it should be taking steps. . . .
People are stupid.
Obviously, we are dealing with a problem of overpopulation, but we are still using this stupid regulation that will generate nonsense to feed ourselves.
How about we improve human beings with a little natural selection?
Let the children who lick dry stool stains and chew wall paint remove them themselves.
I \'ve been following this story and this woman knows what she\'s talking about.
In fact, some of the country\'s leading microbiology experts have seen her results and agreed with her.
According to the web page and interviews with Dr. Gupta, she found millions of figures that were high enough to be considered dangerous, the pathogen she found was the FDA, which CDC considers the most dangerous.
Why argue for the woman who did the study?
How about urging McDonald\'s and others to clean and maintain their play area?
We were in the game area of the local shopping mall where a little boy was climbing a toy and apparently had no potty training and no diapers.
When we saw it, he was full of urine. His mother picked him up and went out.
This is our last visit to the indoor play area.
I do agree with some of the comments here that the kids should play outdoors and in nature, but some of us have a very cold winter and sometimes it\'s not an option to take the kids out.
I am totally in favor of having the children play in the snow, but when the temperature reaches 7 degrees (and under)
It\'s windy, no way!
No bacteria in the outdoor playground? (Sarcasm)
I believe all play areas indoors and outdoors should be cleaned!
Parents also need to make the right decision, for example, if your child does not have a potty --
Trained or prone to accidents, they should wear some kind of Lanyard
Get up or diaper while in the game area.
I know some kids might have potty.
After training, there is usually no accident, but if there is an accident, tell the employee so that it can be handled.
Let your child sit down and eat their food and don\'t let them take it into the tube.
Let them wash their hands before eating and/or going to the game area.
There is a McDonald\'s in my town.
According to the health report card they posted, they entered their 90 s during the inspection.
We went to them once, that\'s it.
We sat in the game room and smelled bad, the floor was sticky and food was everywhere.
I had to go up and pick him up once because my son was stuck (he was littler)
It\'s disgusting to crawl there.
I felt dirty when I went out and had to wash my hands.
We never went back.
We prefer fashion. fil-a.
My 15 year old daughter was playing in the indoor play area when she was a child and now she is gay and has added. Conincidental? I think not!
Did she watch TV too? v?
We need more government regulations because you just know the kids are dirty?
Here\'s a novel idea: teach your child not to leave food or dump in the play area.
If it\'s so bad, why are you going back?
Forcing your agenda down someone else\'s throat can be satisfying, but customers who don\'t come back will usually solve the problem faster and better than handing it over to the wogs.
Life leads to death.
Anything you survive will make you stronger!
Exist in a sterile environment and die when you get into reality!
And-what\'s wrong with parents?
Your child is half thrown.
Eat a Happy Meal in the ball pit, or dump in the ball pit, or spit a circle on the slide. . .
Just put it there and ask the restaurant to clean it up?
Take a little responsibility and ask for a bucket from the restaurant so you can clean up your mess, how about that? I don\'t care.
I like places to play indoors.
When I was a child, they were my favorite things.
I look for real ball pits and places to play for the kids.
Of course, we wash our hands.
But I will never stop.
From what I can see, the outdoors is much more disgusting.
Now that I have kids, we love the places to play indoors too!
I have never seen a bad interior but a lot of bad outdoors. (
Try dog dung on the outside slide, apply, pee in the Tunnel (from a teen).
But there is more regulation indoors.
Bacteria everywhere. Get over it.
I hate height limits.
They are so discriminating that they make me sick.
Every child should be able to play even if they have unfortunate height conditions.
Bacteria are part of life, and that\'s why we have the immune system.
The benefits of these indoor playgrounds far outweigh our shortcomings! this is nuts.
All play areas are not dangerous.
If you don\'t let your child get in touch with the bacteria, you will eventually bring them more serious problems in the future life, and our immune system needs to work.
This is not to say that the game area should not be cleaned up, but gee whz, go and test out your local mall.
There will be this problem in any crowded place.
In general, you get a new reader.
Regarding the article you just published a few days ago, what suggestions do you have? Any sure?
There should be no children\'s play area at all.
After they finish all the food, parents can take their children to the park, of course, if parents think the child is worth it.
These play areas are almost impossible to keep clean every day and parents need to stop complaining and stay away from their children accordingly.
Also, these restaurants that continue to use these play areas to coax children with adults they pay for should be ashamed.
Many restaurants in my area have started to dismantle these play areas.
I think you should all look at our performance at the extreme.
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