The difference between medical swabs disinfection

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-08
1, the sterilization, physical or chemical method to kill all pathogenic microorganisms, the pathogenic microorganisms in the object and the method of spore and mold spores. 2, disinfection: physical or chemical method is applied to kill pathogenic microorganisms of objects, and for all the pathogenic microorganisms and bacillus spores are not required to kill. 3, anticorrosive: physical or chemical method is applied to prevent and inhibit the growth of microbial breeding methods. 4, sterile operation, prevent or put an end to all the bacteria into the animal body or other objects. 5, filtering, aseptic: liquid or gas through the existing filtration effect out of bacteria. General use 0. 22 micron filtration membrane, but not eliminate the virus, mildew and L form bacteria.
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