The difference between the clean cotton swabs and ordinary cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-14
You know clean cotton swabs with regular use, industrial, medical, cosmetic has essential difference with cotton? Clean cotton material divided into sponge head, cloth, non-woven fabrics, four kinds of PVA, were treated with clean and dust-free indoor purification packaging. Wipe fiber holding head for woven microfiber material. All through the grade cleaning, clean room and ten levels processing and packaging. Wipe the consumables used in the high-grade dust-free environment is bound to achieve best level above, that only can meet the requirements, clean cotton swabs and wipe paper and ordinary cotton swabs, only can be used in ordinary environment products to wipe. Therefore, we can simple understanding for the clean cotton is a dust-free treatment to reach the level requirement of a cleaning utensils with rods. 1. Cleanliness: 10 k clean room process, swabs of clean level can reach 10 grade clean room clean. 2. Clean cotton material: wipe the head: ultra-fine fiber fabric, terylene head: slender, wipe stem: PP rod. 3. Sticky: all the wiping head made by the high grade clean cloth or sponge, cleaning power. 4. Sealing side: use sealing side of perfect technology, sealed edge won't produce loose fibre or micro material, and the joint is very tight, not easy to split. 5. Connection mode: use only pure physical methods to make fixed in polished rod head. 6. Performance: the resistance to alcohol, formaldehyde, oil and other solvents, wear-resisting, soft and decontamination ability is strong.
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