The introduction of purified cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-09
Purified cotton swabs is a piece of paper, wood or plastic wrap on top of the long axis of absorbent cotton commodity, let's see it specific purposes, types and specifications. Type a, purification of the specifications of the cotton swabs and cotton buds are commonly materials such as paper rolls into about 2 mm in diameter ( 毫米) Thick long axis, and then with cotton wool winding at the top to the inward 1 ~ 1. 5 cm ( 厘米) Place. The length of the domestic cotton buds is about 8 cm ( 厘米) , but some medical use cotton buds, length is usually around home twice as much cotton buds. Some used to apply drugs, and used to clean the machine detail cotton buds, because of its purpose and designed to only end with cotton ball, and even the company commander shaft are made from wood. Second, the purpose of the purified cotton swabs with cotton buds usually will be used to apply drugs, cosmetics, or ear cleaning, and even the emergence of the cotton buds, makes TaoErShao utilization is more and more low.
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