The kinds and application of clean cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-10
With the development of the domestic clean industry technology, the domestic clean consumables industry, also the kinds of cotton swabs is various, multifarious, but really can be applied in the clean industry only a few. Industrial clean cotton swabs not say usually ordinary cotton swabs, its main materials include sponge head head and clean cloth, non-woven fabric and PVC head, wipe the process is not easy to wipe away the dust, all need through purification packaging processing, belongs to high-grade consumable, wiping purification grade in the class above. Clean swab wiping head the most commonly used with clean cloth, superfine fiber sponge head. Sponge swab head has certain viscosity, absorbent strong, but not smooth, easy to scratch the surface of the product, low density, flaky, commonly used in some machine parts, wipe on the surface of the plastic parts. Clean cotton swabs highest level for the clean cloth, superfine fiber after the cotton is equivalent to ten steps of cleaning the best grade level, after clean indoor processing and packaging, this cotton swabs, alcohol resistant, formaldehyde, grease and other organic solution, wear-resistant, soft, smooth, no hard edges, and strong detergency. Wipe stem for PP material plastic barrel, use sealing side of perfect craft, has the seal edge, won't produce fibrous degeneration and particles, juncture place close together, not easy to split. Using physical way to wipe the head fixed in polished rod. Ensure the wiping head with plastic PP rod perfect fit, not easy to fall off. The clean cotton swabs is mainly suitable for cleaning precision instrument parts, precision, precision components such as aviation industry, medical equipment industry, electronic industry, semiconductor industry. Clean swab head a lot of style, after a demand made into suitable for kinds of styles in a wide range of industries. A flat head, round head, double-headed, also has a single head. Have 1 size. 25 mm to 2. 5 mm, etc. , and can change at any time according to the requirements of size. Industrial dust-free swab the biggest advantage is can wash, not flaky.
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