The material of anti-static cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-21
Bubble clinker, polyester and cotton material are used to produce anti-static swab head of raw materials. Used to handle the production materials including polypropylene, nylon, nylon, glass polypropylene, wood or styrene. Cotton swabs grip length ( 7 - 25厘米) And the shape and size of cotton swabs ( From more than 4 mm to 16 mm) According to the specific requirement. Can also handle slot, easy broken. Anti-static purification cotton swabs, at present a total of three categories: cloth, sponge head dust-free anti-static dust-free anti-static cotton swabs and foam head dust-free anti-static cotton swabs. Therefore, is more suitable to clean dust-free anti-static cotton area is very small, very precise. Swab the main application field is concentrated in the clean room, integrated circuits, precision instruments, liquid crystal displays, microelectronics, biological medicine, automobile, hard drives, optical, food industry and aerospace fields.
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