The material of clean medical cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-07
To introduce dust-free, below the material of medical cotton swabs. 1, wiping head: clean cloth, clean cotton swabs, and roller wiper bar, head of PVA sponge foam first. 2, wipe stem: green transparent PP rod, antistatic anti static ground pole, black, white plastic rod, etc. 3, style: wipe the head shape is divided into commonly, soft pointed, round head, flat head, elliptical hardhead, square, rectangle, the first class. 4, cleanliness: 10 and treatment technology of purification chamber, swabs clean level can be up to 10 levels of clean room clean. 5, and performance: the resistance to alcohol, formaldehyde, grease and other organic solvents, wear-resisting, soft and strong ability of decontamination. 6, sticky dust: all the wiping head made of high-grade clean cloth or sponge dust removal ability strong. 7, sealing side, use sealing side of perfect technology, sealed edge won't produce loose fibers or particles, and the joint is very tight, not easy to split. 8, connecting method: using pure physical methods to make swabs and fixed on the pole, do not contain any chemical agents.
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