The properties of the purified cotton swabs and purposes

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-01
Purified cotton swabs with very strong sex suction fluid, toughness, good wear resistance, will not wipe the device scratch, not flaky. Particles and liquid into a swab hole, will fall out or out easily, has good ability to lock, is a good clean room clean production of consumables. Purification cotton swabs purpose: 1, the purified cotton swabs is produced in the clean room a clean cotton swabs. Swab is usually referred to by the medical absorbent cotton and refined processed bamboo or wood pole, head of cotton water imbibition is strong, after full sanitizers absorption, can make the disinfectant wiping the skin evenly and achieve disinfection effect, suitable for injection on skin disinfection and surgical dressings, can also be used for makeup and makeup. 2, can eliminate the pollutants in the production process of special environment and keep clean. Low levels of chemical residue after wiping. Combustible, easy processing, and harmless to the environment and environmental protection.
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