the truth about cleaning your ears with cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-03-07
We all know you shouldn\'t clean your ears with Q. tip.
However, this is what people still do.
Of course, you \'ve heard the horror story of a friend who pierced their eardrum (
Or maybe you look at the girl and haven\'t erased the memory of Hannah Q-
Hint scene in your head).
But do you really know what\'s dangerous?
No matter how many times you are told to stop, you know how bad it is that you will never give up this habit?
This is the ear-
Please do not clean. don’t-but-if-you-
Do you need to know?
First of all, you don\'t actually need to clear your ears.
\"Generally speaking, the ear canal is its owncleaning,” Dr.
Christopher Chang, an ENT expert at Warren ton, Virginia, told the self.
\"You really don\'t have to do a lot of things.
In some individuals, earwax accumulates in the ear channel.
You don\'t want it to get to the point where you can\'t hear it.
But most people don\'t need to do anything.
That is to say, we know you\'re using Q-
Although everyone says you shouldn\'t.
\"Everyone knows you shouldn\'t use them, but everyone does,\" Chang said . \".
\"I wouldn\'t be completely deformed if someone admitted to using Q-tips.
You just want to make sure your ears are safe.
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You can do a lot of damage.
The most basic problem is to use Q-
Tip may be doing the opposite of what it should do.
Your purpose is to get the earwax out, but you may just put the earwax deeper inside so that it can clog your ear tube and make you feel stuffy or itchy, or it can interfere with your hearing.
If the ear root is completely blocked by wax, you may have tinnitus and the ear will make a bell or hum.
Don\'t think your doctor won\'t notice either.
\"You can actually see Q-
Tips on earwax, \"Chang said when you look at it with a telescope. Busted.
The skin in your ear channel is also very, very sensitive, so scraping there with a stick wrapped in cotton will scratch it, which makes you open up to ear infections
If the infection becomes very serious, you can get the ears of the swimmer when the skin expands to completely close the ear canal.
It\'s really painful.
The worst thing you can do is pierce the eardrum with the Q-end
Tip, it hurts, it takes weeks or months to heal (
Let\'s say you\'re not infected on a large scale).
If you go too far along the ear canal with a cotton swab, you can just put a Q-tip-
There\'s a hole in the eardrum.
It is often said that I saw this at ordinary times because the patient was wiping her ears. her boyfriend went into the bathroom and scared her and gave her jerk an arm.
Or she is doing more tasks, accidentally hitting her elbow on the wall.
Results: very severe pain and bleeding.
Hearing loss is not uncommon.
According to Chang, \"The good news is that the body will heal the closed hole itself most of the time.
Depending on how big the hole is, it may be completely closed in a week.
\"It may take months for more serious cases to recover, and the most serious case is --
In case, surgery is required.
If it\'s you, call the doctor right away and never put any water in your ears, as this can trigger an infection.
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If there is wax that bothers you, Chang recommends buying an ear syringe at the pharmacy and gently flushing the ear with the body
Water temperature. (
Water is a good enough solvent, and although it\'s annoying to stick water to your ears, it\'s not dangerous, Chang said. )
You can also suck things out with ear balls, but they are hard to clean.
OTC solutions such as hydrogen peroxide (
Like debroxandr)
No problem but they will stimulate your skin to dry.
Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and you should probably consult your doctor first. (
Don\'t even have to decorate with ears.
Chang insists it does nothing. )
Because whatever we say, you keep cleaning your ears with a cotton swab, here\'s how to do this without massaging yourself: first, be gentle.
The soft cotton tip leaves grooves and scratches on the fragile skin. (
Your doctor will pay full attention to them and call you. )
According to the rule of thumb, Chang said don\'t put the cotton swab in so you can\'t see the cotton anymore.
The eardrum is only about 2 to 3 cm away from the ear tube opening.
The 1 cm is cartilage, and when you press on the cartilage, the cartilage will give in a little bit and the skin will be a little harder.
After that, the canal was surrounded by bones.
There is no giving there, this is where the eardrum is connected, so consider the danger zone.
Conveniently, the cotton head on Q
The tip is about 1 cm long, so stopping there should make you relatively safe.
Of course, this does not mean that we will forgive your ears in this way.
You should probably leave them there and you can go to ENT if the wax situation is out of control.
But we want you to be safe if you are going to practice auditory penetration.
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