The types of dust-free purification cotton swabs and application

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-13
Not ordinary cotton swab, dust-free purification cotton in purification room is clean, after purification treatment to the packaging bags of dust-free purification clean cotton swabs. Below, clean cotton swabs factory about the kinds of dust-free purification cotton swabs and application. Categories: dust-free purification cotton can be divided into three categories: sponge head cleaning swab, ordinary cloth clean cotton swabs, superfine polyester cloth clean cotton swabs, etc. The three categories and points of different styles, function and effect is distinct. A large rectangular square, oval, big head, small head, point of single head, double head, elbow and so on. And these new swab out crumbs, corrosion resistance, resistance to friction. Dust-free purification cotton swabs applications: dust-free purification sponge swab head has certain viscosity, absorbent strong, but not smooth, easy to scratch the surface of the product, low density, flaky, commonly used in some machine parts, wipe on the surface of the plastic parts. Dust-free purification cotton swabs highest level for the microfiber polyester fabric, the cotton swabs levels after the cleaning is equivalent to ten clean level, after clean indoor processing and packaging, this cotton swabs, alcohol resistant, formaldehyde, grease and other organic solution, wear-resistant, soft, smooth, no hard edges, and strong detergency. Wipe stem for PP material plastic barrel, use sealing side of perfect craft, has the seal edge, won't produce fibrous degeneration and particles, juncture place close together, not easy to split. Using physical way to wipe the head fixed in polished rod. Ensure the wiping head with plastic PP rod perfect fit, not easy to fall off. The dust-free purification cotton swabs is mainly suitable for cleaning precision instrument parts, precision, precision components such as aviation industry, medical equipment industry, electronic industry, semiconductor industry.
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