The use of anti-static cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-24
Anti-static cotton swabs is designed for highly clean and need to be protected against static electricity produced by the environment design of the product. Anti-static cotton swabs convergent technology makes perfect sealing side head fixed on polypropylene handle successfully, avoid the pollution brought by the use of adhesive. The application of the antistatic technology ensures that your product is not affected by static electricity. 吗? Good chemical resistance (dust-free anti-static cotton Can be used together with isopropyl alcohol and other solvents, applicable to flattering agent and other liquid) For sensitive materials (clean Such as all kinds of LCD, optical lens) , electronics, Such as a hard disk drive, semiconductor, circuit boards, optical disk,) , micro mechanical cleaning, optical instrument, optical and electron microscope, optical sensors, etc. At the same time also applies to medical industry ( Cell sampling, DNA testing) , the food industry and cosmetic industry. Head adopts polyurethane sponge, anti-static cotton continuous filament of polyester fiber and superfine fiber raw material and in 10 level ( ISO4 level) Decontamination chamber process ensure swabs of low ion content and non-volatile residues content ( Do not contain silicon, ammonia and phthalate dioctyl DOP) And low grain.
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