The use of cervical sampling swabs in disposable medical consumables_

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-07

The use of cervical sampling swabs in disposable medical consumables. Kelim Bio introduces medical consumables as consumable medical devices approved by the drug regulatory authorities for a limited number of uses, including disposable and reusable medical consumables.

Disposable cervical sampling swabs are suitable for gynecology.

Regarding the use of disposable cervical sampling swabs, please refer to the content shared by Colim Bio for the specific operation steps:

Step 1: Collect appropriate cell samples using cervical flocking swabs. Sampling swabs can be warmed with warm water, and speculum, water-soluble gel lubricant can be used and lubricated if needed.

Step 2: Place the cervical flocked sampling swab at the sampling site, enough to rotate the nylon fiber clockwise five times. Immediately after rinsing collection, soak the swab in a bottle of cell preservation solution and place the flocked
Rinse to the bottom of the vial 10 times to further release the cells fully and break the flocked swab head into the cell preservation solution.

Step 3: Close the lid of the preservation solution, and record the completion of label sampling by the way. And send it back to the laboratory or R&D personnel.

Specializing in the production of sterile sampling swabs, flocking swabs (flocking swabs or flocking sticks), throat swabs, microbial sampling sticks, DNA oral swabs, sterile sponge swabs, product applications include medical DNA sampling, oral sampling, Virus testing, nasopharyngeal sampling, viral bacterial sampling, laboratory sampling, genetic sampling, gynecological cervical sampling and other disposable nylon flocking sampling swabs.
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