The use of clean cotton swabs for chip production process

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-14
With the popularity of electronic mobile terminal, the increase of chip demand is also growing. For chip for dust-free environment in the process of production, whether clean cotton swabs in chip manufacturing process have what effect? The process, if meet really must use clean cotton swabs tiny dust? First we read the chip production process, manufacturing process of the chip can be generalized into wafer processing, the detection of wafer needle, work procedure, test process, construct etc. Several steps. The wafer processing and wafer measuring needle work procedure, for the front and construct procedure, test process as a process. However, in the process of chip packaging prone to dust. The dust is fatal for chip, it can not only affect the quality of the chip, affect the life of the chip. In the process, if there are dust, and to use clean swab to clean, not only can clean swab to clean up the dust, also can have the effect of antistatic. The whole chip production process, packaging process is very important. Is the will of a single grain is fixed on a bed of made of plastic or ceramic chip, and to guide on grain etching out some out pins cohesion, at the bottom of the terminal and the base for her as a circuit board to connect with the outside world, the end cover with plastic cover, the glue sealing. The intention is to maintain the grain prevent by high temperature mechanical scratch or damage. Here is made from a piece of integrated circuit chips, That we can see in the computer of the black or brown, two or four edges with many pins or rectangular pieces of lead) 。 In the construct process, dust cleaning must use clean cotton swabs. Because of the relatively small chip, res to wipe to clean cloth, and other products.
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