The use of dust-free purification cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-05
Said to clean product use most of them are indispensable in the life, is also very important environments, such as clean cotton swabs is special processing, and processing process, need to keep a health no pollution of the environment and in front of the handle length, and the size of the swab head itself, has a certain specification, so that at the time of the operation and use, to ensure that the health of cotton. Choose materials is done with polyester material, and foam clinker production. Some clean cotton swabs or specially designed, this is in order to in use process, more convenient and clean up some material, such as spiral cotton swabs, cotton swabs such can more to clean off some surface debris, prevent to influence after some operations, or the use of cleaner produced cotton polyester material. Before this has good anti-static effect, used in cleaning, some electrical material inside must use such materials to the operation, prevent dry in winter, the electrostatic generation electricity security, affect our lives.
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