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by:Cleanmo      2022-09-28

When it comes to flocking sampling swabs, many people may only know that they are used for sampling by name, but they may know little about the specific details. So what are flocking sampling swabs usually used for?

What is a flocked swab?

Flocking refers to the process of applying multiple lengths of fibers to an adherent coated surface; if the tip of the swab is flocked, it is a flocked swab. It is a disposable sampling swab composed of nylon short fiber fluff head and abs plastic rod. For oral nasopharynx, sampling, cervicovaginal sampling, laboratory testing, etc.​​

Why use flocked sampling swabs? Check out the comparison below to find out.

Conventional fiber swab: The sample is trapped by the gaps in the fiber mass, that is, the sample is penetrated, diluted, and trapped in the fiber. The acquisition is slow, the release is even slower.

Nylon Flocked Swabs: Superior Sample Collection/Release Capability, Release Rate>80%

The time for flocking swabs to collect samples is 3-5 seconds, while the time for cotton swabs is 15-120 seconds, or even longer, which causes pressure on staff during the diagnosis process. Only faster sample extraction can complete the collection and analysis more efficiently.

The characteristics of the flocking sampling swab manufacturer Kelim flocking sampling swab:

1. Swabs using jet dense nylon fiber technology.

2. According to different analysis items, there are soft or brush texture swabs, which have reached a maximum collection volume.

3. Disposable sterile injection-molded swab rod with break point.

4. The flocking swab technology improves the adsorption/release of the specimen and improves the sensitivity of the analysis.

5. No sample retention, indicating faster and less sample transfer.

In short, the upright nylon fibers act like a soft brush to collect more cell samples. The capillary action between nylon fibers enhances the loading of aqueous samples, and the samples are concentrated on the surface of the swab for easier elution. Nylon flocked swabs can absorb and release more samples.

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