this instagram dog wants to sell you a lint roller

by:Cleanmo      2020-02-26
The couch in Central Park is oversized, gray green, packed with Instagram celebrity dogs and cushions with Scotch whisky logo
Brite leather cotton roller.
It\'s a warm, sunny Wednesday.
Dogs are wearing Scotch whisky in gray green and yellow.
Brite bandannas and their owners wear the expression of Hard Entertainment.
Activities of Scotch whisky
Brite says some of the famous \"Puppetry\" in New York: toast (
@ Toastmeetsworld)
A rescued hound, with 377,000 Instagram fans, is known for her tongue; Louboutina (@louboutinanyc)
\"Hug the dog\" with 165,000 fans and so on.
Fans and passers-
Wait in line and take selfies with dogs.
People magazine is doing live Facebook.
The host asked: \"guys, how important is the lint roller to all of you on your day --to-day life?
The owners of Up-said: \"They are very important to me, especially in terms of clothing . \"and-
Griffin is here, Sprout (@brussels.
Sprout, 63,000 fans).
This scene seems strange to some people.
In fact, with the rise of influencer marketing, people with huge social networks
Media followers pay to promote the product, and the huge charm of animal photos on Instagram may be closer to the inevitable.
Now there\'s a society in New York-
Media celebrities
This is the so-called dog agency, but its 80-
Stable creatures also include a hedgehog, a pig and a pair of finger monkeys with millions of fans.
\"Pet influencers are better than humans,\" said Loni Edwards, a 32-year-old founder of the agency . \".
That said, their posts are easier to spread by viruses and they get more comments and likes.
In addition, pets keep information.
\"Brand safety will be stronger when you work with pet influencers,\" Ms. Edwards said.
\"An influential person may get drunk at a party or do something offensive and tweet --color.
All the dogs in the Scottish barBrite pop-
A customer of a Dog Agency.
Their contract requires them to mail
Sprout wrote: \"had a good time yesterday!
\"Scotchbrite3m leather cotton roller shows New York on the hug sofa (and mom! )
Why is our pet so worth it! sponsored.
The post received 2,154 likes. Ms.
According to Edwards, the number of fans of each content can reach between $3,000 and $10,000 for thousands of pets.
There are other things to know about pet influencers: they can get book deals.
They value authenticity.
\"It\'s very important for us to stay true, so we only work with the brands we use,\" said Stephanie Zheng, owner of Atticus (
@ Atticusthehedgie, 77,000 fans)
He is a hedgehog and posted his love for Burger King cheese bread online.
They are passionate about charity and charity.
Improve the campaign and be careful not to cover up their messages with too much advertising.
No matter how successful they are, they just make people happy in this crazy industry. Glee (@goldens_glee), a 6-month-
An old hound puppy with 300,000 fans may be the ultimate example in this regard.
She was a happy brand before she became a dog.
Her boss, Jared Kasner, a corporate lawyer, started the @ goldens_glee account in 2015 as a place to re-post photos of other people\'s golden retriever.
Last winter, he conducted a puppy search across the country to find a permanent face for his brand.
The winning puppy was very happy. Mr.
Kasner, 29, quit his legal job and started a social activity.
Manage Glee 7 hours a day.
He and the dog are doing a game called \"What makes you happy ? \" Street Sports.
\"Imagine it as a happy positive for the photo documentary series\"Kasner said.
In a photo of two young women released on June 9, Glee wrote: \"Why is Kate and Amanda happy? ‘Efficiency!
A few weeks after lintroller pop-
Up, gold Bentley, a dog agent (
@ Kingbentleythebuldog, 102,000)
A brand photo was taken at Bryant Park for a collar that tracks dog activity and temperature and sends a personalized alert.
\"Our product is like giving your dog a cell phone,\" said Herbie Calves, vice president of Link AKC, who made the collar.
The photographer is a man named Elias Wes Friedman.
Fans 6 million.
Brandon Stanton, who is called the dog.
He waved his hand, pinched a squeaky toy and made fun sput-sput noises.
Bentley tightened his harness and worked under his lovely underwear.
He\'s finished in 10 minutes.
After the shooting, in a dog club dormitory in a WeWork office --
I met Ella Bean on Park Avenue (
@ Ellabanthedog, 94,000 followers), a tiny 9-year-old puppy-
Mill rescue looks like a winch
Make eye masks with bulging grapes.
Ella focuses on advanced fashion and advanced life.
She was often photographed laying her paws on a white tablecloth to shape her dog.
Her Way to Fame shows the power of connections.
Last year, Ella\'s boss, Hillary Sloan, made a leather jacket for Ella for fashion week. Ms.
Edwards saw the post and fell in love.
She defeated her.
Sloan made a jacket for her dog Chloe (
@ Safetheminifrenchie)
More than 140,000 followers
\"That\'s when Loni started to really cross --posting,” Ms. Sloan said.
Barneys, Ralph Lauren and Neiman Marcus, who promote Ella beans.
Although her name contains the potential for cooperation, she has never been with L. L. Bean.
\"This is a grove for her . \"Sloan said.
\"Keep the truth,\" Ms. Edwards said.
\"She is more extravagant.
\"Not all puppet actors are represented by the dog Bureau. Winston (
@ Winstonthewhitecorgi, 198,000)has no agent.
He works with American Express and Polaroid.
His boss, Tina Kim, a city employee, said she had rejected offers for Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Samson (@samsonthedood)
A gold graffiti with 162,000 followers was signed to the dog club within a few months but left.
\"It\'s a bit much,\" said his host, Jessica K . \"
A doctor in Brooklyn, because she wanted her dog\'s business life to be separated from her personal life, concealed her last name.
The request to advertise Purina dog food raised concerns about authenticity, she said.
\"I\'m not going to let Samson sell a food he won\'t eat,\" Jessica said . \".
He did a campaign for Target last Christmas, in which he wore a robe, a scarf and a catcher hat.
\"This is his style,\" Jessica said . \".
\"I will only be the brand we will wear.
\"The other day, I met joy at the dog run in Madison Square Park.
\"What makes you happy? ” book, Mr.
Kasner wants to take her all over the country.
\"There are so many differences now,\" he said, sitting happily at his feet.
\"Although we are different, whether it is red or blue, whether it is color, race, religion, dogs can unite us.
The same is true of bringing happiness to people.
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