this will make you never, ever want to clean your ears again

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-06
Question: Shouldn\'t it be true that I should not clean my ears with a cotton swab?
Answer: whether it\'s mom or grandma, she\'s definitely right: you probably shouldn\'t put something smaller than your elbow in your ear.
But to understand why you don\'t need to erase from your ears, we need to first understand why we have earwax in the first place.
This disgusting gunk, medically known as cerumen, is actually for protection.
\"The real purpose of earwax is to keep your ear canal clean,\" said Douglas Barus. D.
American ENT, chairman of the trial committee-
Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNSF)
Director of hearing and skull surgery, Swedish Institute of Neuroscience, Seattle.
Not only does earwax help to keep dust and dirt away from the eardrum, it also provides some benefits of antibacterial and lubrication. And --
One of the many wonders of the body! --
Your ears are basically clean.
Once the earwax dries, every movement of your chin, whether it\'s the chch sound at lunch or chatting with friends, helps to remove the old earwax from the opening of your ear (
It\'s like sitting on an escalator, says Backous. .
The problem, then, is that when we think we\'re smarter than the system in which our bodies exist from the beginning, we\'re going to poke those cerumen --
Our ears.
Of course, the cotton swab looks small enough, but it actually pushes the earwax deep into the ear (
After pushing off the escalator)
He said it would be stuck in a place where it doesn\'t clean itself.
The earwax trapped there also brings fungus, bacteria and viruses that accumulate in the outer ear, which can lead to pain and infection, Backous said.
Pushing the earwax deeper inside will also block the ear tube, causing hearing loss, or if you push the eardrum further, the eardrum will break ---
It seems a bit painful if you believe in the episode of Girl.
Every year, about 12 million Americans go to the doctor with \"affected or excessive cerumen\", which is a very serious --
Said they had serious earwax problems.
All these checks result in medical professionals performing approximately 8 million earwax removal procedures per year (a. k. a.
Not an ear candle expert at the corner Salon)
The ears really just need to be cleaned. -
Even medical professionals. -
If they feel full or you notice a change in your hearing, it may be related to wax build-up. The AAO-
HNSF felt so strongly about not sticking cotton swabs to the ears that it issued an official statement about earwax removal for both doctors and patients.
Even Q-site
Tips can be said to be the most popular brand of cotton swab, it is recommended to use the product \"around the outer ear\" without entering the ear canal.
\"Yes, we know what you\'re thinking, making money --
Look at your face: you can\'t stop washing your ears.
It\'s just because you create a vicious \"itching and scratching cycle\" for yourself, says Backous \".
The more skin you rub your ears, the more tissue amine will be released, which in turn will make the skin inflamed ---
Just like the more mosquitoes bite, the more you catch.
In addition, due to the lubrication nature of earwax, removing earwax can make your ears more dry, thus motivating you to mistakenly stick cotton swabs there in relief.
For those who can\'t leave their ears alone, Backous recommends a bit --Home irrigation.
At body temperature, a few drops in each ear of a mixture of white vinegar, an alcohol and a tap water should work. (
It\'s too cold or too hot, he warns, and you may feel dizzy. )
But what about the bottom line?
Backous said: \"I can tell you that there is no benefit in putting anything in your ears.
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