To introduce the three kinds of commonly used cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-09
Here, give you a simple introduce three kinds of commonly used cotton swabs. 1, clean cotton swabs, just as its name implies is the production of cotton in dust-free environment, due to the level of clean room air purification to much clean than normal production workshop environment, swab in each processing procedure reduces more dust pollution. Dust-free purification cotton swabs with short and flexible, fast and accurate volume is clean, the characteristics of strong decontamination ability. 2, medical cotton swabs used medical absorbent cotton and natural birch, available in medical and health units and family health care, the patients' skin disinfection, deal with the wound, daub potions. Its characteristic is non-toxic, without excitant, good water imbibition, easy to use. 3, daily cotton swabs are usually has a strong sex suction fluid, toughness, good wear resistance, will not wipe the device scratch, not flaky. Particles and liquid into a swab hole, will fall out or out easily, has good ability to lock, is a good purification production of clean room supplies, can be in the production process of special environment ( Unable to wipe cloth wipe) Remove pollutants and kept clean.
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