Toothpick cotton swab, a good choice for cleaning

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-17
Toothpick cotton swab, a good choice for cleaning

Wrap around a birch cotton swab. The density of birch wood is small, and the toothpick cotton swab is medical absorbent cotton under the action of green adhesive polyvinyl alcohol. Light weight, but high hardness, good elasticity, not easy to break and bend. The absorbent cotton is wear-resistant, does not slough off, and can be wiped dry or dipped in solvent. It is widely used in electronic optoelectronics, clean room, hard disk, optical lens, semiconductor, bioengineering, medical and other industries. Cleaning swabs are the only choice for precision clean wiping applications, eliminating contaminants and maintaining cleanliness in the special environment of the production process where wiping cloths cannot. Low chemical residue after wiping. It is flammable, easy to handle, and environmentally friendly. Most cleaning swabs are conductive grade to keep the operator and tool grounded. Applicable to 10-level purification workshop, the packaging is different. Tooth swabs and cotton swabs are also very practical. Their use is to have a good cleaning effect on the teeth. Now many people need to use such products. The hygiene of such products is very high, and they are also a kind of medical supplies, and they are used a lot in medical and other fields.
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