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by:Cleanmo      2020-03-01
My secret to staying stylish during my travels is to have a day and night \"uniform\" with a coordinated color scheme.
When you meet different people, wearing the same clothes usually does not cause problems. -
Barbara offers extra disposable shower caps for countries with lots of creepy reptiles.
Then you can cover your shoes so you can\'t get in at night. -
May Moy, with a variety of brightly colored, light-colored scarves, can dress up as a dress to make you look beautiful. -
Lightweight double-sided jacket from Joanne BellA.
For a more fashionable situation, the buckle and collar are on the outside, and the inside of the zipper is ready to be found in bad weather. -
David McGuinness avoid packing any clothes that need ironing
Adhere to the lightweight layer and add a scarf to enliven the garment.
Set up clothes you think you might take away
Coordinate colors. -
Diana Rowan never bring clothes that need ironingbasic! -
Janette Elliott my best advice to stay stylish during my travels is to roll up your clothes while packing your suitcase.
You just open them at your destination-hey presto -
No creases or folds. -
Viki HeavenNot secret, but seems to be some of the travelers you see who don\'t seem to have washed their clothes --
\"Garbage\" will never \"come in\" because you just look \"not washed\", not to mention the smell of \"stale.
My secret is to wash your clothes and press them (if necessary).
Find the nearest laundromat if there is a laundromat. -
Agnes Dennis, I\'ll cut my hair very short if I\'m on a long trip, so all I need to do is wash and dry my hair without worrying about hair dryers or other styling tools. -
The biggest secret to staying stylish while traveling is always listening to my partner and letting her dress me. -
Rose Patterson kept the secret of fashion during the trip: First of all, one must be comfortable but still look stylish. Colour co-
Tidy up your wardrobe.
Key items to be packed in travel luggage: 1.
A comfortable pair of dark jeans to keep you warm and dress with accessories. 2.
A pair of leggings that can be worn under a skirt/long top with a pair of high heels is a dress. 3.
A black dress trousers with a stylish fit, preferably a wrinkle-free material. 4.
A black or patterned dress to match
Coordinate with your wardrobe. 5.
Denim or leather jacket
More flexible or robust. 6.
Scarf or pashmina with warm decoration. 7.
Soft cardigan and long sleeve top
Murray better. 8.
Solid white or black shirt. 9.
A few good quality T-
Shirts and vests. 10.
Underwear, fitted bra and underwear are a must. 11.
A stylish belt serves as an accessory to jeans, trousers or skirts. 12.
Statement jewelry, nothing expensive can\'t be replaced, it can be turned into a basic pair of jeans and a T-
The shirt fits.
And coordination with other agencies. 13.
Travel-friendly shoes, comfortable and professional folding flat shoes and sneakers.
A pair of high quality high heels and sandals is a must. 14.
Stylish big leather handbag in black or brown matches any outfit and keeps all relevant travel documents. 15.
A stylish pair of sunglasses, which is a great cover if you look tired.
Always carry your luggage with you on long flights: toiletries, cosmetics, yoga pants or sports leggings, underwear, loose long-sleeved jumpers or T-shirtsshirt.
Wear this accessory during the flight.
Roll up or fold your stylish clothes and change them before reaching your destination. . .
Always looking fresh and in stylish clothes
Crumpled clothes
Pack basic essential small travel bag toiletries, including perfumes, hair brushes, a small bottle of crystal clear, and don\'t forget Panadol.
Wear minimal makeup initially, pack face makeup to remove towels, clean the face, apply new makeup and brush the hair. . .
Looks and feels like millions of dollars.
Other tips to keep clothes fashionable when traveling. . .
Small leather cotton roll brush.
The stain stick can easily prevent stains from being soaked until you can wash your clothes.
Not all hotels have Irons, a small travel iron is light and takes up little space.
Steam can help us eliminate wrinkles and update our clothes when we take a shower in the bathroom.
If you have been traveling for a while and can\'t wash your clothes at the hotel, separate laundry bags can separate the dirty and clean.
Don\'t wash dark jeans, they always look brand new.
Sponge marks. -
Elaine goltoni always carries a bottle of rose water with me and splashes on my face, chest and neck to rejuvenate me after a long trip. -
Colin henryerson, I found on my trip that the secret was to have a nice coat and some warm material that could be placed below if the weather got cold.
In this way, dragging a huge jacket is not so important, and the ability to adapt to different temperatures is much easier. -
Keep the trendy Trish HeikoopTop secret while traveling: go to the Pacific Islands and wear only beach shorts and T-shirts. -
Craig Young carries a pair of sunglasses with him-
On the luggage, they are a stylish winner when you land. -
HL Clarke looks at the locals and copies the clothes they wear.
Their style is usually better than ours. -
Gary Jarvis Black is perfect for hiding strange spills or dirt marks when washing clothes every day, which is not an option. -
Vanessa MurrayI prefer
Large handbag for Trampbags or back-
Package, it will fit you into it like a local. -
Samantha Milner uses packaged batteries.
One for underwear and one for socks, one for shirts and one for trousers.
This makes it easy to find a outfit and can also pack your bag. -
Tash LeaneyWe make sure we have spare rooms in our suitcases and shop overseas as there are more stylish options. -
Rebecca Bailey hangs your crumpled clothes from her backpack next to the hot shower (
Since most hotels in remote areas do not seem to have irons).
Most of the creases disappeared during the shower. -
Neil hassalomon depends on the type of trip to do (
City Sightseeing or camping/hiking)
However, my general rule is: Always wear quality fabrics
When you have less chance to wash your clothes while traveling, the clothes will last longer.
There\'s nothing worse than synthetic clothing that doesn\'t breathe.
Great underwear.
In fact, you know that you are wearing great bras and shorts, which can make an ordinary dress feel great.
I always try to manage my hair.
I can do my long hair in many different ways
French knot, Braid, twist. . . .
Bring some jewelry.
A few keys, right.
Just because you\'re hiking doesn\'t mean you can\'t wear a nice necklace or bracelet.
I always bring a lot of scarves to change my clothes. -
Sarah Langridge has several wire hangers.
There is nothing more fashionable than crumpled clothes.
Hang things up at night to avoid these creases. -
The top secret of Howard ClarkMy travel style is rose-
Baby milk powder with fragrance
I noticed that soap and deodorant are not suitable for backpacking in the South
So when I started talking to a local teenager on the Cambodian beach, she told me to go and buy a bottle of pink baby milk powder.
Cheap like fries, it can make you not sweat, not dirty clothes, it can make you smell fresh, it is twice as good as dry shampoo, after a day on the beach, it will remove the sand from your body.
I have been back for almost two years and I am still using it every day. -
Herremans Mithe packs a pair of mini straightener. Long-
Long-haul flights and other weather conditions could seriously damage frizz. inclined hair.
As long as you can tame some locks, you will feel stylish no matter what you wear. -
Joe Mitchell always packs change clothes in your carry-on. -
I brought neutral colors when I was traveling (
White, black, tan)
I have a lot of light scarves and interesting pendant necklaces in my shoes that look elegant. -
Priscilla collinsfirst, take the wool clothes.
They have no creases or smells.
Second, put all the clothes in a self-sealing bag and remove all the air before sealing.
They are packed smaller and easy to find for each type of dress: one underwear, the other running gear, T-
Another shirt and so on.
Also, this means if there is an overflow in your bag, or-heaven forbid -
Everything was clean and the packaging was good. -
Elaine Gordon won the ice breaker giveaway for Herald travel.
She got $1000 worth of icebreaker gear for women and men.
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