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by:Cleanmo      2020-04-02
Judging from the large number of \"survival\" or first aid kits currently packed in cans, it is clear that the idea of a small compact first aid kit is something almost everyone should have.
Each kit more or less reflects its owner, which is also clear.
That being said, I am a child of a city.
I don\'t eat fish. In fact, I don\'t eat fish at all. (
Remember \"Finding Nemo\"-my motto is \"Fish is a friend, not a food!
\"However, I certainly have no problem if others want to fish or eat fish.
It\'s not criticism, it\'s just personal preference.
On top of that, there are only two real fishing spots in Los Angeles-the koi pond of the ocean or neighbors.
If I am forced to eat the neighbor\'s koi, the ocean fishing needs more than I can put in a can, and I may be able to take one out of the pond without a hook . . . . . . The same is true of fire.
It is unlikely that I really need to make a fire, and if I do, then matches or lighters will have an impact on me.
In the concrete jungle, it is unlikely that I will need to make a fire with mag & flint, so I will stick with a lighter & match.
Again, for those who camp or enter the poor areas, mountains or other wilderness, you definitely need to have that option.
What I am more interested in is that I can leave the office on the 8 th floor if there is a power cut.
I don\'t think I need to do the torch from the shelf to do this.
So in the preface, keep in mind that my kit matches me and is designed to be an emergency kit instead of a real \"survival\" kit.
If the apocalypse comes, I really doubt anything in the tin can will save me anyway.
This is my first unguided book so I hope you will enjoy watching it and I welcome your review!
Supplies needed: 1 can-totally your choice here.
I bought mine at Office Depot for $2 and I love it because it has a hinge cover instead of the one you have to remove and leave.
1 18 \"tape stripe p2 1\" x 8 \"aluminum tape strip (
There are also some additional miscellaneous items to keep the item in place)
One Fisher Space Pen (
$18 for office supplies stores)
1 short pencil-I cut the normal pencil in half with an eraser 1 strong magnet to keep the upper half (
I think I used to be a person who went back to the name tag-the kind of person who made you wear the name tag on your shirt while working, but used a magnet instead of a pin to fix it)
1 2 \"x 2\" posted on It Pad, or part of 3 large brass Paperclips2 small security Pins2 medium security Pins2 funky rectangular Paperclips1 pill bag (
This is basically a very small self-sealing.
You can get it in almost any pharmacy, usually where you can find the cut pills or those pill boxes.
I believe the price of around $25 is about $4, or you can reuse a small ziplocks in most electronics packages. )
1 portable waterproof cartridge for aluminum or stainless steel (
When you can find aluminum, about $3 and about $6 for stainless steel.
All I can find these days is aluminum, but they are usually either with the Pill & cutter or at the counter where you pick up the prescription. )
1 adhesive business card size Magnet4 thumb tacks1 small Cork2 figure line eyeshadow 2 needle 1 stainless steel wire shaft full of thread (
Can be found in any sewing shop, usually 3 or 6 packs, Wal-Mart 6 packs is $2)
U-1 small portable Mirror3 SquareGlu (
2 enter the kit and the other is used to place something in an emergency candle
Lots of \"me\" to make them
When I was doing me, I included a game and a striker.
2 zippers Ties1 small ligh1 one-time Super Glue Tube1 snap screw glasses repair Kit1 tube with a toothache cotton swab inside (
Also in pharmacies, usually 6 packs for sale)
1 small laser Pointer1 whistle 1 small mountaineering staff Clip1 medium split ring 2 ordinary rubber belt 1 XL rubber belt 1 bead chain 1 small emory board 1 small straw filling antibacterial ointment
B brush up the emergency contact card of the expired driver\'s license
Included tool reason-
The flashlight is great and there is also a secret flashlight in this kit, but it will help if you need a little warmth in a fixed place waiting for rescue.
If you are somewhere, you can use it as a base to create a bigger fire.
Other than that, these are cool!
\"My Baby\" about how to make one of them.
My personal twists and turns in this regard are: 1-
Add some crayons shavings for color wax2-
I seal the hinge holes inside and outside the tin with aluminum tape, keep the wick in place and stick the game forward to the top of the tin 3
I removed a matchbox and removed 10 matchboxes (
2 lines of 5 matches)
And use a small piece of card to create a new cover for matches that fit the new size.
I also kept some of the slogan of the match forward, which said, \"it\'s time. . .
\"If I had to actually use it in an emergency, maybe it would make me laugh, or, if you use it as a grounding point to help yourself relax and focus on what the next task step is about being a \"real\" emergency. 4 -
Stick the matchbox to the top of the jar with a little bit of Ulu.
If you are not familiar with UGlu, it is like a small adhesive square that comes into contact with cement, rubber.
It\'s like what they keep your credit card when they mail it to you. . .
It\'s kind of like shit.
A bit disgusting, but it works fine as it is reusable (
Anyway, there are a few times if you are careful)
It doesn\'t damage any surface it attaches to, and you can stretch it out when you want to remove it. 5 -
Added a small piece of aluminum tape to the inside of the tin and the back is still on so if I have partially melted the wax, I can quickly cover the bottom of the tin and leave the wax in the jar, stay away from the game and the forward, or, it can be used to make a windshield to help keep the candle lit.
The reason for inclusion-
First of all, the metal container that holds fire will get hot.
This gives you a safe surface and puts your tin candle safely on almost any surface.
Second, it\'s a good place to keep some big pins and needles on the \"roof\" of your tin can so you can use all the space available, the magnet prevents the staples from passing through a thin piece of cork so you don\'t poke yourself with sharp dots.
Parts for this step: corkBusiness card size adhesive magnet (
Or you can replace it with glue if you don\'t have adhesive)
4 thumb tacks2 picture line eyeshadow 2 needles used in this step: soft knife or scissors
Put a tin candle on your Cork
My work comes from a square of 1 feet square meters, from an office supplies store with 3 squares in it.
The free resources can be coasters, and you may be able to replace them with similar materials if you want to, or have something different at hand. Cut your cork (CAREFULLY! )
Use tool knives or scissors.
After completing this operation, trace the cork to the paper side of the magnet.
Do not trace from tin, from Cork, as you may find a strange line from the cut, and you want your magnet to be as close to your Cork as possible.
Remove the paper to reveal the adhesive and press the magnet firmly on the cork.
You may want to roll several times on the magnet side with a rolling pin to make sure you are in full contact from the adhesive, or pile up some heavy objects on it for a few minutes.
Use pliers and carefully push the needle into one side of the cork.
Be careful, if you are not in the right angle, the needle will come out of the cork and poke your finger or hand hard, causing pain, bleeding and excessive swearing!
If you have protective gloves to prevent puncture, I suggest you wear it!
Put your pushpin and Hook eyes on your cork. FInished!
Put your trivet on top of your tin roof or anywhere you think is best for you.
You need to do this, and now your trivet will stick to the bottom of the candle jar with the magnet so it doesn\'t slip, and the cork will help keep it on a rough surface instead of sliding around.
** There is no doubt that you want to know those eye-painted hangers-
Why do I want these? Simple -
They are as useful as other staples, but my staples are actually a bit old, so they are heavy.
If I need a way to keep something off the ground, I can push it to a wall, a tree, or any surface that can support it, and then hang something with this hole
This is not a completely common project, but it is not uncommon either.
As far as I know, it has never been considered for use in this case.
But, I think it might help with MacGyver\'s variety of handy things.
With a pair, you can string things between them. What? Who knows. . .
If I knew I would arrange not to be where I really needed it!
The reason for inclusion-
I think it\'s obvious, but in an emergency, if someone is looking for you, you want to be able to get their attention and help them find you.
You can make a noise with a whistle, you can signal a long distance with a laser indicator, especially in the dark.
Part of this step-
Small laser welding of aluminum whistle on the bead chain-
The ability to take notes or leave notes is valuable, so you need to be able to write both notes and leave notes somewhere.
Why write paperwork?
Mainly because I need a place where I can put the tape and aluminum tape, if I only choose one, that is the space pen, but the pencil also has some use.
Paper clips and safety pins?
You can do anything, from popping up the SIM card tray on your iPhone, to fixing the broken bra strap, and many things in.
I have an affinity for aluminum and the tape is known for its many uses.
Accessories for this step: MagnetPill Post Notes2 secure Pins2 small Ann Pins3 large brass Paperclips2 rustic rectangular Paperclips2 checkered UGluPut
It, clip, UGlu, paper clip and safety pin enter the medicine bag.
Use magnets (
Above the \"zipper\" section of the bag)
Stick this bag to the \"roof\" of your tin can.
I pre-cut 2 strips of the aluminum belt 1\'x8.
There are still backups on the tape.
Carefully wrap around your pen.
I used a small piece of clear tape to keep the roll closed after rolling as the adhesive side still has the back of the paper.
I used about 1 feet and a half of the tape.
The best way to roll onto a pencil is to stick at least 2 inch of the front end of the tape firmly to the edge of the table, table, or other plane, and then expand the length you want.
Cut the bottom of your roll with scissors.
I don\'t recommend tearing the tape for this.
Rough edge chords make the roll uneven.
Cutting with scissors makes it easier to get neat edges and clean rolls.
Once you have the tape cut, carefully and evenly place the end you just cut around the pencil.
You really want to be picky about positioning and make sure it\'s horizontal before you start rolling and it\'s actually stuck.
When you are ready, then stick the tape out all the time, keep the whole length tight and roll evenly while keeping the tape tension.
Tension will give you a clean roll that you can actually cancelROLL later.
If you do this accidentally, you end up being a mess instead of a usable volume.
When you get to the end of the roll, use the scissors again to cut the clean edges to finish the roll.
I chose the Fisher Space Pen because it can handle all kinds of extremes, including writing backwards under water or in space. (Hence the name. . . )
It is also small in size, which makes it easy to pack into tin.
$18 is the most expensive thing in tin cans, but this is what I already have and didn\'t go out and buy for this item.
You can choose not to use a pen, just use a pencil, or choose another pen, but if you have never tried a space pen, I encourage you to check it out and they are a great EDC project.
On the pencil, I cut a normal size pencil more or less in half and make sure to grind it before starting, because once the tape is rolled up, it will be difficult to put a pencil sharpener.
I \'ve also worn out about half of the eraser because I don\'t think I need to erase so much in an emergency.
But, if I need it, I can take out the eraser, use the metal on the top of the pencil, like a hole, or use pliers in multiple tools to curl the metal and make a planing tool from it.
The eraser can also be used as a needle pad to put a needle or sticky material into it.
The reason for inclusion-
With here and the rest of the kit, I can stitch the wound, make a pressure bandage for a serious wound, a closed small wound, a splinter finger, or in my worst nightmare, pull a tooth
The accessory is for this step: aluminum pill Bottle2 butterfly brush UpEyeglass WipeEmery BoardAlcohol SwabsAntibacterial ointment (in Straw)
Toothache Swab4x4 gauze mat I choose to do more than one thing by putting almost everything in my specific kit.
The diamond sand plate can be used as a fingernail or as a sandpaper or splint for the fingernail or toe.
Why don\'t I have a bandage?
Because I did it.
One or two small bands
If you have one and a half aids, aids will not do either. serious cut.
Even if my wounds are small, they usually peel off at the edges and stay for only an hour or two.
The tape itself is a good bandage, even if there is no gauze.
For a little bit of a wound, I will stick it on the wound with an alcohol swab and tape to keep the wound clean and protected.
For something more serious, I can wipe it with a butterfly closure with tape and some gauze or alcohol.
If the situation is worse, I can sew it with a needle and thread and then cover it with gauze and tape.
I can use something hidden in my little blue medicine box to relieve the pain or stop a slight allergic attack.
You put in what you think is most helpful to you or what is most likely to be used.
I can use glasses wipe and brush if I need more bandage material
Sliding up is almost the length of the entire finger, so there is some tape around it, which is a good bandage for your entire finger, or a way to brush your teeth quickly. Toothache swab?
Why do I think this is important?
Have you ever had a situation where your teeth are blocked or cracked?
Before you get to the dentist, it\'s like a nail going through your head, and these little cotton swabs can be used a few times before all the medicine in it is gone.
After the first use, just turn it off again with a little aluminum strip so it doesn\'t leak everywhere.
The reason for inclusion-
In this step I will deal with this one by one in this section: 2 zippers, medium size ring glasses repair kit with disconnect screws
The broken screw can fix the hinge on the glasses frame, and the traditional glasses repair bag cannot fix the hinge.
Climbing buckle ClipBeaded chain, necklace sizeSingle white line using Super glueSewing tube (NOTE -
I also want to add a nylon fishing line, I don\'t have it now)Multi-
Bagra mirror-
Such a small one on the hinge can be combined with glue or tape, so that you can see it in the corner, under the car or in a strange place like that, or of course signal it.
In a thin protective cover, there is no need to worry that broken glass or pointed corners will hurt your body.
This is a free giveaway at a trade show, but you can find a lot of places there to pay for expired driver licenses
You can choose how much to carry, but I suggest you avoid large bills, because you might give up more than you expected because someone doesn\'t have change, or can\'t buy smaller items with large bills at all.
Many of the small items listed here are self-explanatory, such as zippers.
Next to the tape and aluminum tape, probably the best comprehensive repairThis is an item.
The same is true for rubber bands.
The oversized one can hold a lot of things or be wrapped up like a stop bleeding.
The combination of tape and zipper can patch a broken hose in your car and let you leave the side of the road and go to the service station.
Why should I bring my expired driver\'s license?
Well, in CA, you won\'t get a new number when you update the license, so there\'s my photo on it, which is an ID issued by a state.
In a pinch, I can prove who I am if I somehow separate from my wallet.
If there is anything out of date on the ID, use sharpie to write the current information on the back of the card.
Emergency contact card?
I think everyone has one in their wallet, but it\'s a great place to stay one more.
You can also indicate major allergies, blood types, or other special medical needs on the card.
If you somehow feel like you\'re not aware when the rescuers find you ,(
Mass casualty emergency or other circumstances)
You can put the expired DL and emergency contact card in the medicine bag, securely nailed to the shirt, so if you are in the absolute worst situation and you are unable to communicate, you will be recognized and your family will contact you.
Why divide the ring, the mountaineering clip and the chain necklace?
This kit is not very pocket friendly if there is a serious emergency
Too fat. BUT -
I can take out my whistle and laser indicators, throw them on separate rings, put it on the chain and put it on my neck.
Most of the other small items can be placed in my pocket and the rest in the self-sealing bag.
I could even use some aluminum to bring a part of the reinforced ziplock, punch it on it with multiple tools, then put the ziplock on the mountaineering clip, or put it on the chain around my neck, either hang it on the belt ring and carry it with you in a simpler way.
Choose more than onetool -UGH!
I have a few options, but the one I decided to put in gave me the biggest benefit in the smallest package.
Finally, the tip for me is the flashlight in my hand.
It is quite bright and I have a disc covering the battery to prevent the battery from turning on and discharging accidentally.
It has pliers, which I think is more useful than scissors (this vs.
Mekkhala (Leatherman Micra)
It has more tools, but it also has twice the size.
But I don\'t need to put a flashlight either, so the size is a trade-off.
I bought the brand Coast & I think I bought it at Office Depot for about $8.
In fact, it took me 3 or 4 attempts to get everything in.
Once, I carefully wrapped the tin in a self-sealing bag and closed it with a rubber band. (
I also added a few blue painter tape to keep the edges down, but please make sure the bag is in good condition when I remove the tape.
The best advice would be to keep the flat items at the bottom, and the most bulky items would go into the bottom and fiddle with other things until you put everything in.
I am really trying to choose projects that can meet multiple purposes so that I can maximize utility in the smallest space.
Of course, this kit is something I think is valuable and may not be appropriate for everyone.
It\'s not necessarily all about survival, but it can handle most minor emergencies and lend a helping hand in a serious crisis.
There are quite a few \"survival tanks\" outside, and most of them are basically highly similar in my opinion.
Therefore, I also want to expand and solve some problems that I feel are ignored in some of them and mainly deal with the urban environment, this is the place I spend all my time here.
I wish I could make you a little happier, tell you a little, and maybe make you think you should use some of my ideas for your own kit.
I have joined this project in the preparation contest, so if you find value in my visible, please vote for me. :-)
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