What are foam swabs?

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-05

A foam swab is a handheld device that includes a short handle and a small foam tip. Most foam swabs are made from hydrophilic or waterproof reticulated polyurethane foam. The tip of the swab can be rectangular or round, depending on its intended use. Sterile foam swabs can be individually packaged, single-use, and usually latex-free. Foam swabs can be used to clean wounds, collect biological samples, and clean delicate electronics.

Medical professionals often use sterile foam swabs for wound care. Unique hydrophilic polyurethane medical foam swabs resist bacterial and fungal contamination. Sterile foam swabs can be used for some wound dressings. Foam swabs are also used to remove exudate from healing wounds without leaving any residue on the wound.
Most dentists will use foam swabs on a regular basis. Foam swabs are used to numb the tissues of the mouth and absorb excess fluid. Once the filler has been added to the tooth, it can be used to gently wipe away any remaining amalgam.

Foam swabs are often used to collect buccal or buccal cells to identify DNA in laboratory tests
(DNA). This foam is ideal for fast collection and release of cells. Some cutters of the swab can easily break into the sample collection container. They are also commonly used for sterilization before surgery and to absorb small amounts of bodily fluids during surgery.

These are also commonly used to remove dust from electronic equipment. Many ATM (ATM) technicians use foam swabs to clean ATMs
internal. Keyboards, cameras and digital printers can be cleaned in foam swabs.

A special feature of cleaning lab equipment is a hidden container in the handle. The cleaning solution is stored in the hollow space of the handle. When a foam swab is required, manually release the solution into the tip.

Many medical devices and special lab equipment are cleaned with foam swabs to keep the delicate electronics inside the machine. Windowless foam swabs are ideal for cleaning without leaving any harmful residue. Some technicians use foam swabs when assembling and repairing medical equipment.
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