What are purified cotton swabs purposes

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-13
Purified cotton swab head water imbibition is strong, after full sanitizers absorption, can make the disinfectant wiping the skin evenly and achieve disinfection effect, suitable for injection on skin disinfection and surgical dressings, can also be used for makeup and makeup. Then, using purification clean cotton swabs for? The purpose of the purified cotton swabs for medical and health institutions and family health care, usually in the use of purification clean cotton swabs for patients with skin disinfection, deal with the wound, daub potions. Purified cotton swabs is after dealing with the 10 k clean room clean product, can achieve does not contain silicone oil, texture soft, after high temperature treatment, cleaning and hygiene. Cotton and plastic tangles closely, and reassure you in use process easily. At the same time it also has the following purposes: 1, 2, bath as makeup when make up work after cleaning ears; The daily clean ear and so on three body care, cleaning dust within the precious jewelry, cleaning machine, etc.
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