What are the advantages of individually wrapped pre-soaked swabs in industrial cleaning?

by:Cleanmo      2022-08-05

The pre-soaked cotton swab is a new industrial cleaning cotton swab produced by Shenzhen Zhongyi Medical and Wei New Materials Co., Ltd. This kind of industrial cotton swab is an industrial cleaning cotton swab that is individually packaged in an aluminum foil bag after a suitable type of cotton swab is soaked in the relevant cleaning solvent in advance for a period of time.

Industrial cotton swab cleaning should be used in conjunction with isopropyl alcohol organic solvent, because isopropyl alcohol has a good cleaning effect on many stains. Soak the cotton swab in the isopropyl alcohol solvent for a certain period of time, so that the head of the cotton swab can fully absorb the isopropyl alcohol, and then the cotton swabs are individually packaged. In this way, you can directly open the package and use a soaked cotton swab for scrubbing without soaking in isopropyl alcohol solvent, which is very convenient.

Industrial cotton swabs are generally divided into three types: sponge head, cloth head, and microfiber. Relatively speaking, sponge head cotton swabs have better absorption of solvents and excellent conflict performance. Generally, industrial cotton swabs with ultra-fine and small-pore sponge heads are used as soaking. Cotton swabs. Therefore, soak cotton swabs and general cleaning swabs in advance.
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