What are the factors that affect the density of clean cloth?

by:Cleanmo      2022-08-04

Dust-free cloth is a widely used rag tool in dust-free cleaning environment, LCD patch, semiconductor, hard disk workshop, circuit board exposure room, precision printing and other rags are inseparable from it. Under normal circumstances, we may find out why the same product is called a microfiber dust-free cloth, and the prices of different manufacturers are very different. The density of the dust-free cloth is different, so the price will be different. The quality of the dust-free cloth is also indirectly related to the quality of the product. The density of the dust-free cloth is directly related to the quality of the dust-free cloth. Today, the editor will talk to you about a Talking about, what are the factors that affect the density of clean cloth?

Factors affecting the density of clean cloth:

1. The density of the material itself, the density of various materials such as polyester, nylon, PP, wood pulp, etc. is different.

Second, the weaving structure, the density of the weaving structure has a great influence on the density of the dust-free fabric.

3. Purification, the temperature of the purification process and the use of chemical additives will affect the shrinkage rate of the material, and correspondingly will also affect the gram weight of the fabric.

The setting of the fabric, the stretching and ultra-micro movements during the setting process, all have an impact on the macro-density of the fabric.

The denser the dust-free cloth, the better the effect of dust removal, water absorption and decontamination. Of course, the premise of choosing a dust-free cloth is to have a clean object and use environment. This product is made of high-quality A-grade raw silk in the industry. The silk thread is soft and elastic, which can effectively improve the wear resistance.

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