What are the functions of dust-free wipes?

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-20

Common dust-free wipes include: industrial dust-free wipes, purification wipes, cleaning wipes, car wipes, glasses wipes, screen wipes, kitchen wipes, LCD wipes, anti-static wipes, etc.

Dust-free wipes are classified into polyester wipes, sub-ultra-fine wipes, ultra-fine wipes and high-density wipes.

The function of the wipe cloth: tensile breaking strength, tear strength, seam slippage, seam strength, burst strength, anti-pilling resistance, abrasion resistance, appearance after washing, dimensional stability, etc.

Scope of application of the function of the wiping cloth: routine cleaning needs, wiping oil, liquid and some particulate matter, can be used with some solvents.

Functional application fields of wiping cloth: automobile processing and manufacturing, electronic industry, mechanical processing, spraying technology, glass, mold, surface cleaning of precision instruments, laboratory, screen printing, cleaning of food and pharmaceutical production equipment, etc.

Features of industrial wipes: Ultra-low dust, save a lot of wiping time; fine material, will not scratch the surface to be wiped; effectively prevent static electricity and dust generation; good dry and wet strength, not easy to break; efficient water absorption; Meet different usage needs.

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