What are the functions of microfiber dust-free cloth?

by:Cleanmo      2022-07-24

Microfiber dust-free cloth is one of the rapidly developing differentiated fibers, known as a new generation of synthetic fibers. It is a high-quality, high-tech textile raw material. It is a typical representative of the new synthetic fibers that are developing in the direction of development. It is woven from ultra-fine and tough fibers. It has a super structure, soft and tough characteristics, and has the advantages of not damaging the work and low dust and low ion content.

The role of microfiber dust-free cloth

1. Wide contact area effect

Generally, the fibers are thicker and have greater bending rigidity, so the contact area between the fabric floating point and the object is small. On the contrary, the microfiber has small bending rigidity and softness, so the contact area between the fabric floating point and the object is large, and the cleaning force is strong;

2. Internal peeling effect

The cleaning cloth made of ultra-fine fibers, after scraping the dirt, the dirt will migrate out along the capillary channel of the fiber, showing the effect of internal peeling, so that the dirt will not remain on the surface of the cleaning cloth;

3. Multiple scraping effects

If a single thick fiber is ultra-fine, it can be turned into hundreds of ultra-fine fibers, so when used as a cleaning cloth, the ultra-fine fibers can have more heavy scraping effect than ordinary cleaning cloths;

The specific surface area of ​​the fiber is very large, so the coverage, bulkiness and warmth retention of the fiber fabric are significantly improved, and the fiber has many fine pores between the microfibers, forming a capillary structure.

Features of Microfiber Cleanroom Cloth

1. Long service life, strong water absorption, and no surface wear during use;

2. The amount of dust falling and the amount of ion release are small, and the wiping effect is more than 10 times higher than that of ordinary wiping cloths;

3. Four-side laser edge sealing is adopted, which is different from the general heat-sealed and ultrasonic edge-sealed wiping cloths, and the amount of fiber dust during wiping is less than that of the general heat-sealed and ultrasonic edge-sealed wiping cloths;

The microfiber dust-free cloth is usually a special-shaped fiber, and the fineness of its silk is usually only one-twentieth of the ordinary polyester silk. In contrast, the microfiber dust-free cloth and the surface to be cleaned have the same Larger contact area, and the larger contact area gives the microfiber a better dust removal effect. In addition, the yarn of the microfiber clean clothes fabric is bundled, which gives the fabric more tiny pores. , These tiny pores are much smaller than those on ordinary polyester fabrics, so microfibers can show better ability to absorb tiny particles in this regard.
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