What are the precautions for the purchase of anti-static cotton swabs?

by:Cleanmo      2022-07-23

Anti-static cotton swabs are a kind of dust-free wiping products, which are specially designed for highly clean and anti-static environments. The head of the cotton swab is made of polyurethane sponge, continuous filament polyester fiber and microfiber as raw materials and processed in a 10-level (ISO4-level) clean room to ensure the ultra-low ionic content and non-volatile residual content of the wiper (no volatile residue). Contains silicon, ammonia and dioctyl phthalate (DOP), and ultra-low particle generation; the use of conductive thin shafts can effectively reduce and control ESD parameters such as resistance value, friction voltage and decay time, and perfect edge sealing The closing technology enables the head to be successfully fixed on the shaft, effectively preventing the damage of static electricity to the product during use, and also avoiding the pollution caused by the use of adhesives.
Anti-static cotton swab purchase points:
Considering the cost: after determining the use position of the cotton swab, the user needs to select the handle with the appropriate length and width according to the actual requirements, and it is necessary to determine whether the cotton swab head needs to be double-ended, and then determine the size and shape of the cotton swab head. Secondly, it is necessary to fully understand each Generally speaking, double-ended cotton swabs are more expensive, and the more complex the shape, the more expensive, such as pointed and spiral ones, the better the anti-static performance and purification ability will be. slightly higher. Users need to comprehensively consider the selection of suitable cotton swabs.
From the perspective of chemical properties: materials with good solvent retention, absorption and adsorption capacity should be selected, such as foam clinker, polyester material and cotton are all raw materials used to produce cotton swab heads.

From the perspective of purification performance: cotton swabs produced from polyester materials have low non-volatile residual (NVR), less particle shedding and chemical resistance. By analyzing the total organic carbon (TOC), it was found that the cotton swabs produced by weaving the purified polyester material can release a small number of particles, have a good recovery and a low background level of total organic carbon.

Considering the method of use: whether the selected cotton swab meets the application standards of the product in actual use, such as what solvent to use, etc., need to be considered in advance.

Precautions for use:
The amount of solvent dipped in the cotton swab should not be too much, otherwise it will leave solvent marks on the product to remove stains, which will not be easy to be cleaned. You should choose a solvent that suits the product requirements and mix it up. Do not use strong acid or strong alkaline solvents. , so as not to cause harm to the product;
The cotton swab is a disposable consumer product, and it should be wiped according to the size of the wipe area. It cannot be wiped with one surface repeatedly, otherwise it will cause cross-contamination of the product;

After opening the packaging bag, put the cotton swabs to be used in a clean place, such as a professional cotton swab box, but do not remove too much at one time, and remove them after use, so as not to be contaminated for too long and affect the use effect;
When using cotton swabs in the clean room, you should avoid breaking the cotton swabs for use, as this action will also cause certain pollutants;
After use, swabs should be professionally disposed of and should be classified as Category C because they contain solvent residues.
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