What are the use clean cotton swabs areas?

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-06
Now on the market there are so many different kinds of cotton, the cotton swabs has clear instructions on packaging, such as make up cotton swabs, electronic products, cotton swabs, clean cotton swabs, etc. , so what's the difference between these products? In what situations need to use the clean cotton swabs? Just to give you specific instructions below. First, mentions cosmetic cotton swabs because the number of young girls now use knife is more, it will not only use it in the process of makeup, sometimes in dealing with the wound or made ear hole conveniently use this product, some of the girls will actually make up of the specifications of the cotton swabs is relatively low, because it does not deal with the wound of the cotton swabs demand and need clean, no bacteria, so, if indicated on the package make up cotton swabs, so this package to the quality of the cotton swabs may is not very high, if you want to use a swab in the many USES of words, the best way is to buy a pack of clean cotton swabs, makeup or clean up the wound, including cleaning dust for their own electronic products can be used to such products.
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