What can sticky mats do?

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-12

The sticky dust pad is mainly suitable for sticking at the entrance of the clean space and between the buffer areas. It can effectively remove the dust on the soles and wheels, and minimize the impact of dust on the quality of the clean environment, so as to achieve the effect of simple dust removal. It solves the problem that the dust removal of other sticky dust products is not complete and cannot ensure that the dust does not spread. For ease of use, each layer is coated with a unique high-viscosity or low-viscosity adhesive. The product size is suitable for different locations. The digital label facilitates the separation between layers, and the sticky dust pad can quickly and effectively remove the dust carried by the wheels and soles of transport vehicles, keeping the environment clean, easy to use, and the surface layer is contaminated, tear off the layer.

When using the sticky pad, pay attention to place the label at an easy-to-tear angle, then tear off the film on the back, stick the sticky pad on the ground to be used, and then tear off the first layer after stepping on the four sides. Whether the ground is clean and dry. The sticky dust pad should be torn off immediately after stepping on the first layer of dirt, otherwise, it will not have a good effect.

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