What does a purifying swab do? What are the applicable areas?

by:Cleanmo      2022-08-09

There are many types of purification cotton swabs on the market. For the current changing industrial needs, the application fields of purification cotton swabs are also very wide. At the same time, different grades and specifications of clean cloths have appeared. For example, sponge head purification cotton swabs, cloth head purification cotton swabs, non-woven purification cotton swabs and pu head purification cotton swabs, etc., these are various categories and fields in the application field of purification cotton swabs.

Purification cotton swabs, also known as dust-free cotton swabs, are a kind of clean cotton swabs produced in a clean room. Production, to ensure the cleanliness of cotton swabs, cotton swabs generally refers to the processing of medical absorbent cotton and refined bamboo or wooden poles, the cotton tip has strong water absorption, and after absorbing the disinfectant, it can wipe the skin evenly with the disinfectant to achieve disinfection. It is suitable for skin disinfection and surgical dressings during injection, and can also be used for makeup and makeup removal.

Purification cotton swabs usually have the characteristics of strong liquid absorption, toughness, and good wear resistance. It has good locking ability and is a cleaning consumable produced by excellent clean room. It can eliminate pollutants and keep clean in the special environment of the production process (wiping cloth cannot be wiped), with low chemical residue content after wiping, flammable, easy to handle, Environmentally friendly, most cleaning swabs are conductive grade to keep the operator and tool grounded.

The main application areas of purification cotton swabs are:

1. Advanced glass touch screen (covering high-end mobile phones, tablet computers, instrument panels, GPS navigators, anti-glare equipment, etc.);

2. Precision instrument hardware, valve steel pipe fittings, mold industry, etc.;

3. Ceramic inkjet machine, oil-injection screen printing, dust-free coating, UV, etc.;

4. Automobile metal parts;

5. Plastic electroplating products;

6. Disc drives, review materials;

7. Ordinary optical lens lens;

8. Microelectronics assembly production line;
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