What is a cervical swab? How to use a cervical swab?

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-05

Cervical swabs should be familiar to girls, and some young ladies with larger nerves may not be clear, so I will popularize them here today. First of all, let's take a look at what cervical swabs are. what?

What is a cervical swab:

A cervical swab is a small brush or swab mainly used for sampling. The main thing is to know whether the cervix and secretions are normal.

How to use a cervical swab:

①. When sampling, if necessary, use a swab to wipe off the excess secretions from the cervix, then insert the disposable sampling swab into the cervix, gently rub the cervical brush and use it to rotate clockwise for 3-5 circles.

②. Slowly draw out the disposable sampling swab, put it into the sample tube containing the cell preservation solution, break the excess brush handle at the mouth of the tube, and leave the swab head in the sample tube.

③. Tighten, fully immerse the tip of the flocking in the vial, and tighten the cap tightly, record the patient's name and ID number on the label and paste it on the vial, put the vial application in the specimen bag and transport it to laboratory.

Note: Excessive rotations can result in dilution and loss of sample. After sampling, make sure that the single-use cervical sampling swab does not come into contact with anything else.

Maybe for a girl with a delicate mind, it is a bit embarrassing to do a cervical swab in the hospital. In fact, it is also possible to do it at home. The launched cervical sampling swab can be collected at home and sent to the hospital. Those who do the inspection will not delay the inspection and will not be embarrassed, killing two birds with one stone.

The appearance of cervical swabs is correct, neat, smooth, uniform in color, free of burrs, mildew spots, scars, scratches, cracks and other defects. Clean, odorless and tasteless. Soft to the touch, no foreign objects such as macula, smudges, etc. The pull-out force at the junction of the connecting rod and the sampling head should not be less than 2N. The swab should be able to withstand a static pressure of 4N perpendicular to the axial direction for 15s without permanent deformation or breakage. The breaking force of the depression at the sampling head end should not be less than 2N. Moreover, the swabs are individually packaged, which is convenient, quick and clean to use.
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