What is a CHG applicator?

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-06

Compared with traditional disinfection methods, CHG applicator has the characteristics of fast, broad-spectrum and long-lasting bactericidal effect, which greatly reduces the microorganisms on the skin. This article will introduce this applicator in detail to you.

1. The principle of CHG applicator satisfying skin disinfection:
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has targeted prevention of catheter-related infections. Catheter-related infections are preventable problems that affect thousands of patients each year. These infections increase patient morbidity, prolong hospital stay, and require additional medical intervention. A critical step in preventing catheter-related infections is proper skin preparation with an effective disinfectant. So which disinfectant should I use? The CDC recently announced new guidelines for skin disinfection 'a special priority 2% chlorhexidine.'
HG has a fast, broad-spectrum, long-lasting bactericidal effect that greatly reduces microbes on the skin. This formulated applicator is proven to be effective in reducing the incidence of bloodstream infections and the incidence of SSIS.

CHG has continuous antibacterial function, because it can destroy the cell membrane and make it segregate into precipitable substances. IPA quickly destroys the protein of microbial cells, denatures it, and provides an important defense against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, and it is antibacterial for at least 48 hours.

2. How to use the CHG applicator for skin disinfection:
First: Open the packaging bag, remove the rod of the applicator, untie the collar, disinfect the solution, and leave the sponge head of the applicator still in the state of being inserted in the packaging bag.
Second: Pull off the collar on the handle of the applicator, do not touch the sea surface, press the top of the handle to release the disinfectant onto the sponge sheet

Finally: Apply the antiseptic solution to the area to be treated and rub it back and forth gently to moisten the skin.

3. Precautions for CHG applicator to meet skin disinfection:

First of all, it should be used with caution in 2-month-old infants or premature infants. This product may irritate or burn the baby's skin.

Secondly, this product is a one-time use product and can be discarded after use.

Then, silicone-free and topical, use in a well-ventilated area.

Finally, not for lumbar puncture or meningeal surgery, for open wounds or for routine skin cleaning. Not for use in patients allergic to CHG or IPA. Not for use in eyes, ears and cavities.

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