What is a disposable sterile sponge sampling swab?

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-06

Disposable sterile sponge swab is also called foam swab (foam swab, sponge swab, medical foam swab, applicator swab
stick), mainly used for new crown nucleic acid detection and sampling, antigen detection kit sampling, and for the collection of various biological and environmental samples.

Sterile sponge sampling swabs belong to medical device products, which are different from general industrial products. In addition to strict requirements on the production environment, sterile sampling swabs must undergo various biochemical tests and environmental protection tests to ensure their safety. safety. Production materials must also undergo performance verification, water absorption verification, sensitivity verification, etc., and can only be put into production and use after the material has passed the test.

Swab material: 100PPI medical grade polyurethane sponge, foam sponge

Type: throat swab, nasal swab, oral swab, antigen swab, etc. (customizable)

The sponge material on the head of the qualified sampling sponge swab should be made of 100PPI medical grade polyester sponge and bonded with medical water-based glue. The PP rod of Shenzhen Kelim Bio-disposable sponge swab has the characteristics of radiation resistance, and it is not easy to yellow after being sterilized by irradiation with reagents. Sterile sponge swabs are manufactured using ISO13485 quality process quality standards.

Shenzhen Kelim Bio Sterile Sponge Sampling Swab:

Medical Grade Quality

Polyester sponge swab tips have good collection and release properties

Comfortable sponge sampling brush head reduces patient discomfort

Can be used dry or with liquid media

Uses of sponge swabs:

Nasal swabs, throat swabs, oral swabs to collect pharyngeal samples

For general sample collection for testing and screening

For pediatric, ophthalmic, veterinary care and pharyngeal applications

As a sample sampling accessory in a rapid diagnostic kit
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