What is a dust-free anti-static cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-14
Introduce you to what is dust-free anti-static cotton swabs. Dust-free anti-static cotton swabs, also known as dust-free anti-static, swabs, English name: ESD Cleanroom Swab, main advantage is can make various shapes with different material. As a result, they are more appropriate to clean area is very small, very precise. Is designed for highly clean and dust-free anti-static cotton need anti-static environment design. Dust-free anti-static swab head adopts polyurethane sponge, continuous filament of polyester fiber and superfine fiber raw material and in 10 level ( ISO4 level) Decontamination chamber process ensure swabs of low ion content and non-volatile residues content ( Do not contain silicon, ammonia and phthalate dioctyl DOP) And low grain. Of anti-static dust-free anti-static cotton technology ensures your product from static electricity, it is mainly used for cleaning sensitive materials ( Such as all kinds of LCD, optical lens) , electronics, Such as a hard disk drive, semiconductor, circuit boards, optical disk,) , micro mechanical cleaning, optical instrument, optical and electron microscope, optical sensors, etc.
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