What is a flocked swab? What are the advantages?

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-06

What is a flocked swab?

Flocking swab is a tool used for medical diagnosis, in vitro diagnosis, sample collection, cell collection, and virus and microorganism collection. It is a sampling tool made of medical materials, nylon fibers, plus viscose and ABS rods. Often used in clinical diagnosis, medical testing, laboratory, laboratory, laboratory, CDC, forensics, scientific research and other purposes.

Flocking swabs are made of tiny fibers, like the fluff of a toothbrush, which can reach hundreds of thousands to millions. They are attached to the top of the sampling swab and are used to collect DNA and RNA biological samples such as cells.

What are the advantages of using flocked swabs?

The new coronavirus is an acute respiratory infectious disease, highly contagious, and most people are susceptible. It is easily replicated in the upper respiratory tract of humans. Under normal circumstances, the new crown nucleic acid can be quickly detected within 96 hours after infection. Testers can find the virus in the upper respiratory tract of humans. Experiments show that flocked swabs can be eluted quickly>98% of biological samples, easily improve detection sensitivity.

Medical nylon flocked sampling swabs look similar to ordinary 'cotton swabs', but the top is actually a nylon flocked swab. The material is polyester or medical nylon fiber, which is similar to the fluff of a toothbrush. The flocking swab is made of nylon fiber flocking technology, and the front end is coated with nylon short fibers fixed in a vertical manner, so that there is no absorption hole in the entire collection area of ​​the collection swab. In this way, the collected sample is not dispersed and retained in the fiber, which facilitates faster and more efficient elution of the sample.

The flocking swab is a soft brush that collects samples of new coronavirus, influenza virus, etc. It is a popular biological sampling tool in the world.
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