What is a flocked swab? What is it for?

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-01

1. What is a flocking swab?

Flocking refers to the process of applying multiple lengths of fibers to an adherent coated surface; if the tip of the swab is flocked, it is a flocked swab. It is a disposable sampling swab composed of nylon short fiber fluff head and abs plastic rod. For oral nasopharynx, sampling, cervicovaginal sampling, laboratory testing, etc.

2. Why use flocked swabs?

The flocking swab is made of nylon fiber flocking technology, and the front end is coated with nylon short fibers fixed in a vertical manner, so that there is no absorption hole in the entire collection area of ​​the swab, and the sample will not be scattered and retained in the fibers, which is beneficial to Faster and more efficient elution. Traditional spun cotton swabs cannot completely collect and elute the sample, while flocked swabs can elute more than 85 percent of the sample collected. So the use of flocked swabs has great advantages for a variety of sample collection applications.

While we are not the only manufacturer and supplier of flocked swabs, we offer a different manufacturing process than any other product. Our flocked swabs are high-performance products specially designed for the collection of natural orifice specimens and biological specimens.

The unique jet implanted nylon fiber technology of the individually packaged flocking swab increases the collection and release of specimens. The swab is 14.5cm long and has a unique snap-off design on the plastic rod. The fluffy texture captures more analytes of interest. There is no specimen residue, speeding up the processing of specimens. Swabs are individually packaged for sterilization. The unique structural design facilitates larger sample collection and complete elution, and the unique snap-off design facilitates the preservation and transportation of samples after collection.

The high-purity nature of flocked swabs makes them ideal for PCR, molecular assays, forensic applications, and more.
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