What is the difference between a sponge swab and a flocked swab?

by:Cleanmo      2022-09-28

I believe everyone knows that what looks like a cotton swab used in nucleic acid testing and antigen testing is actually a medical device, also called disposable sampling swabs and single-use samplers. There are also sterile swabs. This is the manufacturer. Re-swabs are sold on the market after sterilization, and some are called throat swabs, which are named according to the sampling site.

At present, there are mainly two types of disposable sampling swabs on the market, the so-called flocking swabs and sponge swabs. Is there a big difference between the two?

Flocking swabs are usually composed of nylon short fiber fluff heads and medical-grade abs plastic rods, and sponge swabs are composed of sponge heads (polyurethane) + PP rods (polypropylene), both of which are usually used for Cervical, nasopharyngeal, oral throat and forensic collection samples, DNA and other sample sampling.

At present, the swabs used for nucleic acid detection are mostly flocking swabs, while the swabs used for antigen detection are mostly sponge swabs, also known as anterior nasal swabs.

In fact, there are many swabs we use at present, such as cervical swabs, throat swabs, stool swabs, DNA swabs, flu swabs, monkeypox swabs, and so on.

There are various types of Klimt disposable sampling swabs, which can be used in disease control, clinical and scientific research to detect and sample infectious pathogens. Swabs of different specifications and materials can better meet the needs of various scenarios.

What are the advantages of Collim as a professional sponge swab and flocked swab disposable sampling swab company?

1. Medical device production license, Class II registration certificate

2. The swab conforms to ISO13485 quality system management

3. The swab models are rich in specifications, meeting the vast majority of usage scenarios

4. Own injection molding workshop, dust-free workshop, sterilization equipment, etc.

5. CE, FDA, TGA, SFDA, MDEL and other certifications

6. Support OEM rapid foundry and respond to customer needs
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