What is the difference between medical cotton swabs and makeup cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2020-05-15
Medical cotton swabs and what is the difference between the medical cosmetic cotton swabs and makeup cotton swabs although is after high temperature disinfection products, but are actually two different kinds of cotton swabs. Here, give us the difference between medical cotton swabs and makeup cotton swabs. 1, medical cotton swabs medical cotton swabs with medical absorbent cotton and natural birch, cotton swabs of cotton fiber should be soft, white, odorless, can not have macular, besmirch, foreign body. Plastic rod, wand of bar surface should be smooth, no burr, no stains, foreign bodies, and stick, bamboo rod rod surface should be smooth, no fault, can not have besmirch, foreign body. 2, make-up cotton swab is one of the most common round head, elliptical head swab, in fact, there are a more versatile, effect better swab swab tines, oval head swab size moderate, suitable for shading eye shadow and fixed facial makeup. And pointed cotton swabs for head nozzle, details can be used as a colour makeup makeup tools, suitable for fixing imperfect eyeliner, wipe brush next eyelash stick to the dirt on the eyelids, modify drawing out the lipstick, correction of the nails on the edge of the nail polish, is very nice. In general, because of the need for care and treatment medical cotton wound etc, so more strict during production, especially the demand of the need to ensure the sterilization, easier than ordinary cotton absorption liquid. And make up cotton swabs main purpose is to discharge makeup, in order to meet the requirements of discharge makeup and its quality of a material is more soft, even fall toner in the above, is also very comfortable to use, and is easy to clean makeup look. It is important to note that the make-up cotton swabs currently on the market are mostly common cotton swabs, use make up cotton swabs to clean the wound, of course, it is not feasible, and it is a very dangerous behavior. Because makeup cotton cannot meet the requirements of the corresponding sterilization, cannot be used in the wound. If you use make up cotton swabs to clean up the wound, there is no hospital disinfection equipment and conditions, if applied directly to the wound treatment, the likely wound infection, and has been unable to recover.
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