What is the operation method of throat swab collection?

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-04

How to operate

1) The nurse checks the doctor's order, prepares the supplies, and sticks the label, indicating the department, ward, bed number, name, hospital number, inspection purpose, date of inspection, etc.

2) Prepare all supplies, bring them to the bedside, check the patient, and explain the purpose and method of taking the throat swab specimen, so as to obtain the cooperation of the patient and relieve tension.

3) Light the alcohol lamp, instruct the patient to open his mouth and pronounce 'ah' to expose the throat, and use a tongue depressor if necessary.

4) Take out the sterile long cotton swab in the throat swab, and quickly wipe the secretions of both palatine arches and pharynx and tonsils.

5) Use an alcohol lamp to sterilize the mouth of the tube and stopper, insert a cotton swab into the culture tube, and cover it tightly.

6) Check again, place the patient, and clean up the supplies.

7) Wash your hands, record, and send the specimen together with the inspection sheet for inspection in time.
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