What is the use of single-use medical swabs?

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-08

What is a single-use medical swab?

A swab is a small ball of absorbent material (such as cotton) wrapped around one end of a stick. Medical swabs are mainly used in the medical field to clean wounds, apply ointment, collect specimens for analysis, etc. Compared with other instruments, they are more accurate and reduce skin-to-skin contact, helping to prevent infection. Minimized exposure of caregivers to medications and bodily fluids.

What is the use of single-use medical swabs?

Medical swabs are currently the most widely used detection tools in nucleic acid detection, mainly for the collection of oral mucosal cells, oral microorganisms, virus sampling and transport, DNA/RNA collection, throat sampling, cervical sampling, nasopharyngeal sampling and other fields. In addition, medical swabs can also be used for DNA collection, transportation and preservation for paternity testing, and influenza sample collection, preservation and transportation.

Medical swabs are divided into cotton swabs, foam swabs, non-woven swabs and other products according to their materials. Among them, the market share of cotton swabs is higher, reaching about 76%. According to the application field, medical swabs can be divided into gynecological, cervical and vaginal sampling swabs; oral, nasal and pharyngeal disposable sampling swabs; laboratory test sampling swabs; virus and bacterial sampling swabs; disposable sampling swabs; Cell sampling sterile swabs and other products are used in various scenarios. Medical swabs are mainly used in the fields of specimen collection and disinfection.
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