What should be paid attention to when using dust-free cotton swabs

by:Cleanmo      2022-08-10

In our daily family life, we often prepare a medical kit to treat emergencies at home, and we can also treat them by ourselves, and an indispensable item in our medical kit must be the Wu Cheng cotton swab. Generally speaking, what problems should be paid attention to in the process of using dust-free cotton swabs? Under normal circumstances, when we buy dust-free cotton swabs, this product is strictly sealed, and we do not use it often, so it must be strictly sealed when not in use, because If this kind of cotton swab is not strictly sealed, then it can only be protected from any bacteria within a day, but after 24 hours, there will be more and more microorganisms bred. Therefore, we must pay attention to its own sealing when using this type of dust-free cotton swab. On the other hand, we must pay attention not to put our hands into the sealed bag when taking them, because there are a lot of bacteria on the hands. of.
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