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Q: How bad is it to stick a cotton swab in my ear?
We know, it feels so good to get in!
But the cotton swab is used outside the ear, not inside.
Sticking the wax too far away may push the eardrum deeper and may damage the eardrum.
A little wax is actually healthy.
It helps to protect your sensitive ear root canal.
If your ears feel really blocked, go to the doctor and the doctor will advise you to use ear drops at home or safely remove the blockage for you.
All rights reserved health magazine 2011 but it feels great! What ? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WHAT ? ? ? ? ? I was 30-
When I was a few years old, I had to go to a place of direct care and remove the cotton part from my ear canal.
I\'m very embarrassed.
That\'s why it\'s not worth the 50 cents you saved. brands.
Assuming you have insurance, the cost of a doctor\'s visit alone may exceed the savings of several years to buy crappy cheap products.
Just don\'t poke your ear hole with em and your fine.
I use em about once a week.
You should see the amber block I came out of there!
Too much information. . . .
I call them potatoes. . .
Photos or nothing happened.
Add some butter, salt and Yum! Lunch time!
I had a problem with earwax accumulation all my life, and then I couldn\'t hear the sound.
Almost no sometimes.
I use a big baby syringe, warm water, grab the bowl and water my ears myself.
It will take a while because you have to start slowly until the Wax softens from hot water, however, then you can fill the syringe and squeeze hard and eventually the wax will come out.
It\'s almost what the doctor\'s office will do, or at least what they will do before I figure out how to do it myself.
Takes practice!
Good remedy, but you should not use straight water in your ears.
Water will wet your ear and drum membrane, which can lead to the growth of the fungus and lead to infection with black mold.
I\'m not kidding, but you will know when you are infected by this nature!
Instead, use a 50: 50 solution of vinegar and alcohol.
Will not sting or burn (
Unless you have open pain in your ears).
Alcohol helps keep your ears dry and vinegar kills bacteria.
It is very effective in washing ear water and preventing infection.
Here are some effective suggestions from a person with an ear infection who uses a tap to plug his ears outside.
OK, when you finish Syring with a warm tap, take an eye dropper immediately, fill it with 90% alcohol, drop it into your ears, shake your head and cycle for 1 minute.
Then tilt your head and drain it out.
I have been doing it for 35 years, no problem. Just sayin\'.
My doctor asked me to do this, similar to Terry above.
Lie on the floor or sofa beside you.
You or your partner pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into your ears, enough to fill your ears.
Let it soak for 20 minutes
Put the cloth or towel on the ear and put the head into the cloth to drain (
I use paper towels).
Fill the sink with warm water and rinse the ears with baby syringe bulbs.
Repeat with other ears. Works for me.
I never used Q.
Toothpicks work much better in my ears.
I can handle a lot of things well with some 8 guage wireA hangers, including cleaning the ears.
Hairpin is also very easy to use!
OK, dig there with your favorite cut knife.
Just go get the wax. . . be careful!
My dad used his keys to the 1965 Beatles for almost all of his adult years to clear his ears. If we ban Q-
Tip, people will clean their ears with hangers! ? Or pen caps.
Have anyone tried metal shards and magnets? Just a thought. No Lonnie.
No one has ever done this.
So the stupid thing is to expand a paper clip into a loop and dig there and don\'t push it back.
Communicate with my doctor: Doctor: What is the smallest thing you should put in your ear? Me: uh. . . . .
I don\'t know: your elbow.
How did you get your elbow back?
I just like the \"doctors\" who don\'t pay \".
So now I have to go to the doctor and clean up the wax in my ears?
Is this article actually suggested?
No wonder our health care system is broken.
What\'s Next, make an appointment with my nose specialist to buy that big green nose shit? Of course!
Do you think the doctor can pay for his yacht as long as he deals with the patient?
My favorite assumption is that my boss will give me time to clean my ears.
Handling daily affairs
Today, the reality of medical professionals and politicians is different from that of us. Hey Curious-get this.
I was taken to the hospital recently.
My ears are blocked by wax.
I asked the nurse for a syringe and asked me to clean it up.
She said I had to get permission from a doctor.
I said, do I have to get permission to blow my nose too?
I saw a dirty look from her.
I asked my neighbor to go to my house to get my syringe.
She did it, and I took care of it.
I think I broke some rules. End of story.
When I was young, I often didn\'t clean my ears and didn\'t know how to put my elbows in.
I have ear infections about every year and I will go to the doctor to clean it up.
He\'s going to fight. biotics.
Is that what we should do? Says who? The doctors. Been using Q-
No event tips for years.
No doctor bill.
Very good view.
I\'m an emergency room doctor and I don\'t think the person who wrote this actually practices medicine
Or at least they don\'t do common sense medicine.
I use Qtips every night and if you do it right you won\'t affect the wax on your TM.
How people with a medical background read the information in the textbook is ridiculous, and the textbook has never been studied scientifically, although common sense and experience suggest that the opposite is true.
I really hate taking medicine.
I \'ve heard this before. It\'s an insult. it\'s like we\'re all stupid. we\'re just asking.
Poke into our ears on our eardrums.
I have been cleaning my ears with them for decades and have never had a problem.
You just need to be careful.
It\'s much better than going to the doctor because your ears are full of wax like one of my friends.
Not long ago, when I started hearing problems, I found a good web page for diy ear wax removal process (
It\'s infection, not earwax, it\'s what I bought anyway).
It is recommended to lubricate the ears for a few days with a small amount of olive oil before going to warm water to help wash the ears more easily.
But it\'s actually the same as Terry\'s version above.
I tried OTC ear drops in the past, but bubbling (
As mentioned by another, it could be hydrogen peroxide)
, Put too much pressure on the inner ear, it will hurt like hell.
But if you think it\'s OK to put a cotton swab in your ears, then yes, you really should go to the doctor to avoid getting hurt yourself.
Should I use extra virgin olive oil?
Only in the first place.
This is one of the most interesting discussions I \'ve seen on the CNN blog.
No one calls anyone a nasty name! Yet.
Oh yeah, lonely doglisten to this.
Someone cut my traffic today and I screamed \"you *(@! +%$\" .
Of course they can\'t hear me, so I\'m safe. So there.
Bud, they can\'t hear you because there may be wax in their ears.
Millions of people have been assassinated for their debts (mk-
Super, chip implantation, electric shock, etc.
Perform on them)
New world order (
I am in poor shape;
Now go find a machine to call (what else? )
Gently pulse the warm water loss and the \"earbuds\" for washing the wax \".
It is worth it for a small cup.
If your ear wax is really bad, try adding warm water to the Water pik in the lowest environment.
I irrigate my husband\'s ears this way.
His ears are sometimes blocked by ear wax and we find this to be the best way to keep the ears open.
This may be because he is Asian and has thick hard ear wax that has to be cleaned up, not because most people of European origin have sticky yellow stuff.
Personally, I use Q.
Tips for gently washing the ears once a week or so, I found that they also help to gently remove the water from the ears.
My bobby pins.
I like to be with them.
Here\'s how to clean your ears.
Heat a small amount of virgin olive oil to your body temperature first.
Put it in the ear with a syringe.
Then add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Then shove a Q-
Tip all the way and squander it.
I used Smith and Weisen on the 38 th. . . . . . . . .
But I can only do it once.
Next, they will tell us that the risk of wiping ourselves is too great. we should also go to the doctor and do it for us.
After a hot bath, a gentle qtip on the inside of the ear is not a problem.
The wax came out and the ears were good.
No one stood there like an idiot to stab their ears.
Who can pay the doctor to do these extra things?
Even with insurance, most people cannot change even with simple preventive care.
You know that good place to play with Q in your ear.
TIP. it feels so good. oh?
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