What to pay attention to when doing a throat swab

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-05

What should I pay attention to when doing a throat swab? First of all, the part we tested is the oropharynx. According to experts, our respiratory tract is divided into upper respiratory tract and lower respiratory tract. The upper respiratory tract includes the nose and throat. The lower respiratory tract includes the bronchi, trachea, and lungs. We know that nucleic acid testing is used as a basis for pathogen diagnosis. Generally, nucleic acid testing samples are collected from deep sputum for sample testing.

Throat swabs are divided into nasopharyngeal swabs and oropharyngeal swabs. Generally, those collected from the mouth are called oropharyngeal swabs, and those collected from the nose are called nasopharyngeal swabs. At present, most hospitals use oropharyngeal swabs, because oropharyngeal swabs are easy to collect and less painful for patients.
①, it is recommended that you bring some water. Due to the dry weather, it is inevitable to be thirsty during the queuing process. Therefore, you should try to keep your throat moist before the examination. You can drink a small amount of water, but do not drink water 30 minutes before the collection.

②. Because collecting throat samples may cause throat discomfort, it is not recommended that you take throat swabs after a full meal or after drinking alcohol, and you must pay attention to not drinking, smoking, chewing gum 30 minutes before sampling Or betel nut etc.

③. Before sampling, avoid eating irritating and strong-flavored food, and eat lightly.

④. 30 minutes before specimen collection, do not use mouthwash with antiseptic drugs or apply anti-inflammatory drugs on the throat (oral cavity).

⑤. You should take the initiative to cooperate with doctors to check personal information and inform the medical condition, so as to facilitate cooperation.

⑥. In order to improve the accuracy of the results, it is recommended that before sampling, wear a mask to cover your mouth, nose and cough, then tilt your head slightly and cooperate with the doctor to say 'ah~' for collection.

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