when it comes to q-tips, we do the one thing we\'re not supposed to. why?

by:Cleanmo      2020-03-06
The cotton swab does not belong to the ear. this is no longer a secret.
The American ear, nose and throat science will warn this, as will medical professionals.
Even the maker of Q.
Tips and other similar cotton buds are very clear, urging the user on the package to \"do not insert the cotton swab into the ear canal \".
\"But what people do.
However, why do we do what we should not do?
Some are related to feelings, some are related to unclear marketing, and some are related to habits, which is largely related to our failure to understand the operation of our ears. \"Q-
\"Tips do not help to clean up the wax in the ear canal,\" Tips ppora Shainhouse said . \"D.
A clinical lecturer at the University of Southern California, \"because they usually push the wax deep into the lower part of the outer ear tube, it is not usually produced or contains ear wax.
This wax can also be pushed onto the eardrum, which is a barrier of separation into the ear.
Will affect hearing.
In addition, pushing too much slightly will pierce the eardrum and increase the chance of acute and chronic ear infections, which can lead to scars and permanent hearing loss.
The cerumen in our ears, which we usually call earwax, is actually a kind of self.
The cleaning substance \"rolled out with dead skin cells, dust and skin bacteria,\" Shainhouse said \".
In addition, earwax injects protective properties into the ear canal and serves as a barrier to prevent debris or infection from causing damage to the skin.
If enough earwax builds up
When you go to a medical professional, they may flush the canal with salt water, resulting in pain or loss of hearing.
Do not go DIY route.
One thing you should never do?
Insert cotton-
Insert the cotton swab into the ear canal.
However, this is exactly what many of us have done --
And it\'s regular.
When the cotton swab was invented in 1923, the cotton swab was mainly used for baby care.
Leo gerstenzang started production-to-
After seeing the wife apply cotton to the toothpick, wipe their child with a cotton swab.
By 1926, the disposable cotton swab has become a ubiquitous household product and is renamed Q-tips. Although Q-
Tips were originally for baby care, and by the time they were in their 1950 s they were sold for multiple purposes, with at least one ad showing a cotton swab approachingbut not in —an adult\'s ear.
Nowadays, the cotton swab is far from close to the ears on the brand\'s social media sites such as Instagram, but serves as a makeup artist or an art project.
If you give in to the temptation to clean your ear canal with a cotton swab --even once —
You set yourself a cycle of repeated listening. cleaning urges.
In terms of ears and cotton buds, use them only to clean the outside of the ear, not the inner tube.
\"As soon as you clean up all the wax, your ears start to itch,\" said Dennis fitzard . \"D.
An ear doctor interviewed by NPR
Although it feels good to many people to stimulate the nerve ends of the ear canal, it is true.
Just don\'t try to deceive your doctor and make them think that you don\'t use a cotton swab when investigating your ear canal.
Rebecca Li said: \"earwax is only formed in the outer ear . \"N.
One of the founders of RemediesForMe.
So when the doctor saw the building
They know this is done with some manual probing.
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