Which dust-free cloth is the best?

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-20

Dust-free cloths are classified according to fiber thickness: polyester fiber dust-free cloth, microfiber dust-free cloth, sub-microfiber dust-free cloth, imitation superfine-dimensional dust-free cloth, high-density dust-free cloth; : Grade 10 clean cloth, Grade 100 dust-free cloth, Grade 1000 dust-free cloth, Grade 10,000 dust-free cloth; According to cutting edge technology: cold cutting, laser edge sealing, ultrasonic edge sealing.

When purchasing a clean cloth, pay attention to the material, size, gram weight, whether it has been cleaned, cutting edge technology, etc. These are all factors that affect the price. Of course, the quality of the clean cloth at different prices is also different. The finer the fibers of the dust-free cloth, the better; the smaller the number of grades, the better (grade 10 is the best, followed by grade 100, and so on); The better the hand feel, the cleaned dust-free cloth can ensure that the dust-free cloth has a good anti-static function; the cold-cut dust-free cloth is prone to crumbs, and it is not as good as using laser sealing and ultrasonic sealing. In some special industries, there are special requirements, or there are special clean cloths for products.

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