Why can't I use a cotton swab to dig my ears?

by:Cleanmo      2022-08-11

After taking a bath, how much water will remain in the ear. Everyone will think that the cotton swab will have the effect of digesting water. Dig the ear with a cotton swab, on the one hand, it can eliminate the earwax in the ear, and on the other hand, it can also digest Remove residual moisture from your ears and prevent your ears from getting wet. But in fact it's not correct, what's going on?

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Earwax, also known as earwax, is the yellowish sticky substance of the earwax glands in the skin of the cartilage tissue of the ear hole. The earwax is lumpy after drying in the air; some earwax is like thick animal fat, also known as 'oil ear'. . Earwax has the function of maintaining the skin of the ear hole and adhering to the external elements. Usually, with the help of teeth clenching, opening the mouth and other exercise, the earwax is mostly discharged independently.

If you use a cotton swab to pick your ears, pathogenic bacteria can easily erode into the ears, and it creates the subconsciousness of picking your ears when it itches, but it is not clear that this is easy to cause inflammation.

In most cases, earwax will slowly move from the inward to the ear mouth, dry in the air and form a light yellow block. According to the exercise and fitness of the mandibular joint when the teeth are occluded, it will continue to fall down and be discharged out of the ear. There is no difficulty in blocking the ears, nor will it damage the hearing due to too much earwax.
Some shaft cotton swabs are of poor quality. When digging ears, the cotton balls are prone to fall, or even the shaft is broken in the ear hole. This is a widely used type of unclean ear hole in the hospital outpatient department. Even cleaning cotton swabs are not very good, as cotton swabs push the earwax deep into the ear.
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