Why single-use flocked swabs provide excellent specimen collection

by:Cleanmo      2022-10-07

Why disposable flocking swabs can provide excellent specimen collection, there are 5 specific advantages, let's take a look at it with the editor.

1. Disposable flocked swabs provide optimal sampling:

Flocked swabs are a good choice for rapid diagnostic tests because they allow better collection of cells or organisms at the collection site and can guarantee rapid release of the entire cells. Due to its unique manufacturing process, a higher sampling rate is guaranteed.
2. Enhanced diagnostic sensitivity: Professional flocking technology turns each strand of fiber into a velvety brush, creating hundreds of thousands of contact points for better collection and release of specimen samples, comparable to non-aggregated swabs. Compared with subtypes, the increase in the number of target cells helps to improve the sensitivity of rapid diagnostic tests

3. Fast elution: Aggregated swabs are fully integrated processing (meaning they do not contain internal fabric or other cores to absorb specimens), allowing more samples to be collected and retained. Not only does this provide better sample yield, it also allows for faster and more complete sample release into the liquid medium. Keeping the sample close to the surface enables rapid and complete elution.

4. Proprietary multi-length flocking fibers: multi-type, multi-model, multi-size, collects and retains more specimens than traditional cotton, polyester or rayon swabs.

5. Convenient handling and transportation.

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