Why the purified cotton swabs cracking-off

by:Cleanmo      2020-04-26
Cleaning swab in the process of production, need to go through layers of craft, such as a swab rod production, swab head of hot pressing and clear. After each program processing, if the quality of cotton swabs itself is not very good, can appear in mass cracking-off phenomenon. What is a mouth swab blasting? Careful friends when using cotton swabs, may find all clean cotton swabs are after hot pressing, but because the technology can not reach, causing cotton swabs itself when wrapping or clean sponge head crack, this is the so-called swab cracking-off. Why the purified cotton swabs cracking-off? Investigate its reason, we analyzed the following: for everyone to use the raw materials, Sponge) Quality can not reach, because the sponge is a grade, some purified cotton swabs factory in order to save costs, low procurement of sponge, cause mouth swab prone to detonation. Technology can not reach, hot-pressing level is not enough mature, only proper compression level to guarantee the quality of cotton swabs itself. If the hot-pressing temperature too low, swab head cannot be effective integration, if the temperature is too high, can lead to swab head failure. There is no strict quality control is the swab manufacturer, if the production process strictly regulate, improve the production requirements of workers, also can avoid the happening of this kind of phenomenon.
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